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The New NY Bridge Project Information

artist's rendering of new bridge

Thank you for your interest in the New NY Bridge project. The New York State Department of Labor will be the main resource for all direct and indirect job openings related to the project. All job openings will be listed on the New York State Job Bank and can be accessed directly from this page. Interested job seekers can apply to these positions directly or they can work with Department of Labor staff any of our area Career Centers.

Current sub-contractors on the New NY Bridge project:

Job Opportunities
Job opportunities will fall into one of the following five categories: Administration; Construction; Engineering; Information Technology; or Safety/Security.

Current job postings are as follows:

If you have questions about how to apply for any of these positions, or need assistance applying, please contact us at or call 518-457-1685.

For additional information about the New NY Bridge Project, please visit

For information about contracting opportunities with the New NY Bridge Project, please visit

If you are interested in construction or other bridge-related work, but need immediate assistance, we can help.

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