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WARN Details

Date of Notice: 4/3/2017

Event Number: 2016-0203

Rapid Response Specialist: Stuart Goldberg

Reason Stated for Filing: Plant Layoff

Guardian News & Media, LLC
222 Broadway
New York, NY  10038

County: New York | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY | Region: New York City

Contact: Chris Gherardi, Director of Human Resources, US

Phone: (917) 900-4672

Business Type: Provide news for an online global audience.

Number Affected: 10

Total Employees: 10

Layoff Date: Separations will occur on 3/31/2017 for eight affected workers and on 6/30/2017 for two afftected workers.

Closing Date: -----

Reason for Dislocation: Economic

ERNUM: 50-29030

Union: The affected workers are not represented by a union.

Classification: Plant Layoff


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