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Estimate Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefits

You can use this tool to estimate a weekly Unemployment Insurance benefit amount.

NOTE: This tool gives an estimate only. It does not guarantee that you will be eligible for benefits or a specific amount of benefits. You must file an Unemployment Insurance claim to find out if you are eligible and learn your actual benefit amount.

Enter your gross earnings for each of the calendar quarters. Gross earnings are your wages before taxes and other deductions.

Basic Base Period
$ .00
$ .00
$ .00
$ .00
$ .00
Alternate Base Period
Estimated Weekly Benefit Rate (using Basic Base Period):
Estimated Weekly Benefit Rate (using Alternate Base Period):

If you are eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits or pandemic emergency unemployment compensation (13 additional weeks), an additional $600 per week will be added to your benefit rate until the week ending 7/26/2020.

If you are not eligible for those benefits, you may be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Read more about PUA. Those benefits may be calculated differently than what is indicated here. If you are eligible for PUA, an additional $600 per week is also added to your PUA benefits until the week ending 7/26/2020.

How is a benefit rate calculated?

See the How Your Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payment is Calculated fact sheet for details.

Ready to file your claim?

Read how to file a claim for UI benefits for important information.

You should file your claim during your first week of total or partial unemployment. If you wait, you may lose benefits.