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Job Search Guide: Strategies for Professionals


The Job Search Guide: Strategies for Professionals was produced by the Assessment Research Development Program in the U.S. Employment Service under the direction of Robert A. Schaerfl, director. The Assessment Research Program is directed by Susan Schlickeisen, chief, Division of Planning and Operations. Coordination and technical supervision for the development of the Job Search Guide was directed by Russell Kile, personnel research psychologist. Grateful acknowledgement is also made for the contribution of additional technical planning and support from Kathleen Wiersema and David Rivkin of the Assessment Research Development Unit.

The Eastern Assessment Research Development Center, New York City, served a pivotal role in the planning, collection, preparation and technical review of information for the Guide, as well as its publication. The Arlington Employment Center, Arlington, VA staff reviewed the Guide and gave valuable technical suggestions.

Space does not permit a listing of their names, but grateful acknowledgement is also given to those associations, business firms, labor organizations, other federal agencies and individuals whose assistance and cooperation contributed significantly to the development of this publication.

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