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Job Search Guide: Strategies for Professionals

Reviewing What You've Read

The review questions are designed to ensure that you have covered the important areas of the job search. As you look over the questions below, decide whether you have covered the area to your satisfaction. If not, you may want to go back to review the appropriate chapters in the Guide.

Handling Your Job Loss

Have you accepted the loss of your job and begun to take control of your life?

Are you keeping yourself fit for the job search process ahead by taking such steps as avoiding isolation, joining a support group and incorporating any nccessary attitude adjustments?

Are you following the recommended steps to handle stress and keep your self-esteem high?

Managing Your Personal Resources

Are you making a schedule for your job search activities and sticking to it?

Have you made a realistic financial plan to provide you and your family with sufficient income while job hunting?

Have you taken steps to ensure that you have health insurance?

Assessing Your Skills, Experience and Interests

Have you done a thorough self-assessment of your skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, values and personal traits?

Have you considered how personal and family considerations would affect your choice of a career?

Are you able to think of some possible careers that you could do well and would like?

Researching the Job Market

Have you identified the geographical areas and industries where your kind of work is likely to be found?

Have you considered the possibility of relocating?

Have you identified companies that have your kind of work locally? nationally? overseas?

Conducting the Job Search

Have you narrowed down the list of companies to a manageable number in order to concentrate your job search efforts?

Have you used all your resources, including the library and networking, to acquire the information you need about the companies you've targeted?

Have you planned an effective campaign (mail, phone or in person) to identify and develop job openings?


Have you contacted everyone you know to tell them you're looking for a job? Have you overlooked anyone?

Are you keeping track of all your networking contacts and following up on job leads obtained from them?

Have you made an effort to expand your network by meeting or contacting new people?

Writing Resumes And Cover Letters

Have you decided whether the functional or reverse chronological resume is best for you?

Have you thoroughly inventoried your skills and accomplishments to determine which ones to emphasize in your resume?

Have you proofread your resume carefully for spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Employment Interviewing

Have you prepared in advance so that you know what the employer wants and how your skills and abilities fit in with the companies objectives?

Have you practiced your interviewing techniques so that you can present yourself to your best advantage to the employer?

Are you evaluating each interview afterward so that you can learn from the experience?

Are you prepared to negotiate a salary?

Employment Testing

Are you aware of the different types of tests employers may ask you to take?

Do you know how to prepare for the different types of tests which you may encounter?

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