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Job Search Guide: Strategies for Professionals

Tips for Using the Guide

Conducting a job search is a big job. This Guide can provide excellent assistance in developing an effective job search strategy. Here are some general suggestions for using the Guide that might make it easier for you to develop your job search plan.

Step 1.

Review the entire Guide.

Step 2.

Find the chapters that really interest you. Remember, the Guide can take you from the start to the finish of your job search. For people who are not familiar with the job search process or who haven't conducted a job search for a long time, it is probably a good idea to follow the Guide carefully from beginning to end. Others, who are more comfortable with the job search, might want to identify areas that are particularly relevant to their search and concentrate on those aspects of the Guide.

Step 3.

Identify specific tasks that you want to accomplish in the Guide (e.g., identifying job leads, developing a resume, improving interviewing skills).

Step 4.

Develop a timeline for completing tasks you have identified. Try to assign yourself weekly milestones. This way you will have intermediate goals to achieve on an almost daily basis.

Step 5.

After completing individual tasks, review what you have done. See how the task contributes to your overall strategy. Share your accomplishments with someone who might be able to give you constructive advice (maybe a family member, friend, or counselor with whom you are working).

Step 6.

Continue working through the Guide until you feel comfortable with your job search strategy.

The Guide has been designed to help you find satisfying employment. It provides a broad range of information that you can use to develop important job search skills and it serves as a reference to ensure that you are conducting an effective state-of-the-art job search.

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