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Out-of-State H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders

This web page lists current agricultural jobs in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Each job order includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Location of housing
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number or name of the employer, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also type the abbreviation for the state (CT, MA, NH, NJ, PA, RI, VT) in the “Search” box, and only entries from that state will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job order you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column and the entire job order will be available to view.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S. workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

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Out-of-State H-2A Agricultural Clearance Orders
Job OrderName of EmployerStateExpiration Date
MA10150402 Leobardo Mondragon dba Forest Harvest MA 06/03/18
NJ1338189 DeEugenio Farms NJ 06/05/18
NJ1338266 Larchmont Farms NJ 06/06/18
MA9950486 King Farm, Inc. MA 06/16/18
MA9944715 Fairview Orchards, Inc. MA 06/25/18
NJ1387033 Chino Harvesting, LLC NJ 06/27/18
VT514464 Southern Vermont Orchards VT 06/28/18
VT523907 Allen Brothers, Inc. VT 06/30/18
MA10047508 Stillman Farm MA 07/01/18
MA10047699 Gilson Family Herb Ent. MA 07/02/18
PA11696869 Kuhn Orchards PA 07/02/18
VT518854 4 Corners Farm VT 07/04/18
NJ1338857 Battiato Farms NJ 07/04/18
NJ1331243 Phillips Farms NJ 07/05/18
VT519581 Happy Valley Orchard VT 07/05/18
NJ1331650 Ovedevest Nurseries NJ 07/07/18
NJ1339368 Maple Leaf Farms NJ  07/08/18
NJ1355976 ZRH Farms, LLC NJ 07/08/18
NJ1336272 Hopewell Valley Vineyards NJ 07/09/18
NJ1357803 Bald Eagle Farms NJ 07/13/18
MA10047680 Honey Pot Hill Orchards MA 07/13/18
VT520730 Lilyquest, LLC dba Woods Market Garden VT 07/13/18
MA10125426 Standard Orchards MA 07/14/18
VT526547 Full Belly Farm, LLC VT 07/14/18
VT518851 Allen Brothers VT 07/15/18
MA10125225 Meadow View Farm, LLC MA 07/15/18
VT523910 Green Mountain Orchards, Inc. VT 07/15/18
NJ1336215 Rutger's Nursery NJ 07/16/18
NJ1335895 Barton Nursery NJ 07/16/18
NJ1336478 Jersey Farm Produce NJ 07/16/18
MA10150340 Pleasant Valley Gardens MA 07/16/18
NJ1381799 Global Agricultural Productions, LLC NJ 07/16/18
NJ1356200 Fruitwood Farms, Inc. NJ 07/17/18
MA10143394 Boys In Berries, LLC dba Wards Berry Farm MA 07/17/18
MA10035198 Rota Spring Farm MA 07/17/18
VT518022 Michael Collins VT 07/17/18
MA10155874 Meadowbrook Orchards, Inc. MA 07/17/18
MA10161577 Sunny Crest Orchards MA 07/17/18
VT523911 Paul Mazza's Fruit & Vegetable Stand, Inc. VT 07/18/18
NJ1372695 Larchmont Farms NJ 07/18/18
NJ1344846 Villa Milagros Vineyards, LLC NJ 07/19/18
NJ1357020 Sheppard Farms, Inc. NJ 07/19/18
VT531297 Woods Market Garden VT 07/19/18
PA11718299 Brian Campbell Farms PA 07/21/18
NJ1354274 F&R Grasso NJ 07/21/18
NJ1345173 Pastore Orchards NJ 07/21/18
NJ1353879 R&A Leone Family Farms NJ 07/21/18
MA10145642 Patterson Farm MA 07/21/18
MA10154862 Volante Farms, Inc. MA 07/22/18
VT522036 Jericho Settlers Farm, Inc. VT 07/22/18
NJ1372794 Stella Farms NJ 07/22/18
MA10267792 Breezy Gardens MA 07/23/18
VT524370 Dog River Farm VT 07/23/18
MA10289422 Clearview Farm MA 07/24/18
NJ1356178 J&S Brothers Farms, LLC NJ 07/24/18
MA10111624 Bolton Orchards MA 07/24/18
MA10150330 Stillman Farm MA 07/24/18
NJ1353429 Sun Valley Orchards, LLC NJ 07/24/18
MA10161598 Carlson Orchards, Inc. MA 07/24/18
MA8413250 Dicks Market Garden MA 07/24/18
VT517866 Dutton Berry Farm VT 07/25/18
VT518853 Champlain Orchards VT 07/25/18
NJ1376302 Larchmont Farms NJ 07/25/18
MA10125258 Orchard Made Products DBA Mann Orchards MA 07/26/18
PA11695664 Simmons Farm PA 07/26/18
VT524936 Pete's Greens, Inc. VT 07/26/18
MA10267787 Springdell Farm MA 07/26/18
MA10129675 Dicks Market Garden MA 07/27/18
MA10155898 Berlin Orchards MA 07/27/18
VT525173 Foote Brook Farm VT 07/27/18
MA10247045 Westward Orchards, Inc. MA 07/27/18
NJ1356568 Battiato Farms NJ 07/28/18
NJ1356219 Velasquez Farms, LLC NJ 07/28/18
MA10245815 Stonefield Farm MA 07/29/18
MA10295572 Moors End Farm MA 07/29/18
VT525754 Adam's Berry Farm VT 07/30/18
PA11672802 Godwin's Nursery & Trees PA 07/30/18
VT529644 MacLennan Farm VT 07/30/18
VT526546 Greybar, Inc. DBA Route 66 Garden Center & Farm Stand VT 07/30/18
NJ1351143 Robert Jenkinson Nurseries NJ 07/30/18
NJ1354579 James Rambo, LLC NJ 07/31/18
MA10232829 Harpers Farm Garden, LLC MA 07/31/18
VT529880 Fresh Roots Farm VT 07/31/18
PA11785598 Tracey's Orchard PA 07/31/18
MA10150299 Nourse Farms, Inc. MA 08/01/18
MA10164115 Verrill Farm, LLC MA 08/01/18
PA11695836 Wexford Farms PA 08/01/18
MA10085083 Cider Hill Farm MA 08/01/18
MA10289416 Philbin Orchards, Inc. MA 08/01/18
MA10289304 Boys In Berries DBA Wards Berry Farm MA 08/01/18
MA10418381 Verrill Farm, LLC MA 08/01/18
NJ1343693 Alstede Farms NJ 08/02/18
MA10150249 Tougas Family Farm MA 08/02/18
MA10164117 Russell Orchards MA 08/03/18
NJ1360329 Stony Hill Gardens, LLC NJ 08/03/18
PA11718435 Kemmerer Farms, LLC PA 08/04/18
NJ1351522 Cassaday Farms NJ 08/05/18
VT529646 Blais Produce, LLC VT 08/05/18
MA10161572 Rota Spring Farm MA 08/06/18
VT531308 Deep Meadow Farm VT 08/06/18
VT531302 Full Moon Farm, Inc. VT 08/06/18
VT526548 Foster Farm Botanicals, LLC VT 08/07/18
VT525166 Peaceable Hill Farm VT 08/09/18
NJ1354481 Honey Brook Organic Farm NJ 08/16/18
NJ1345887 Lima Family Farms NJ 08/07/18
PA11754443 Who Cooks For You Farm PA 08/07/18
VT523149 Dutton Berry Farm VT 08/07/18
VT526549 Rockville Market Farm VT 08/07/18
VT529643 Dog River Farm, LLC VT 08/07/18
VT529647 Foote Brook Farm VT 08/07/18
VT529641 Harlow Farm VT 08/07/18
PA11785717 Sunhill Orchards PA 08/08/18
NJ1371958 JM Caltabiano Farms NJ 08/08/18
MA10143426 City of Peabody DBA Brooksby Farm MA 08/08/18
MA10225063 Nagog Fruiters, Inc. MA 08/08/18
MA10129693 Clark Brothers Orchards, LLC MA 08/08/18
MA10237310 Davidian Brothers Farm, Inc. MA 08/08/18
MA10247034 Savage Farms, Inc. MA 08/08/18
PA11897400 Sand Hill Berries PA 08/08/18
PA11898997 Lori Fruit Farms, Inc. PA 08/08/18
VT523908 Lewis Creek Farm, LLC VT 08/09/18
PA11753315 Eaton Farms Production, LLC PA 08/10/18
MA10257452 Standard Orchards MA 08/10/18
NJ1366088 Pastore Orchards NJ 08/11/18
NJ1350790 Phillips Farms NJ 08/11/18
MA10413744 Golonka Farm MA 08/11/18
MA10287032 Plainville Farm MA 08/12/18
PA11795086 New Morning Farm PA 08/12/18
PA11930044 Spiral Path Farm PA 08/13/18
PA11932118 Deirdre & Trey's Farm PA 08/13/18
MA10252503 Coward Farm MA 08/13/18
NJ1369370 Sun Valley Orchards, LLC NJ 08/14/18
NJ1369380 DeEugenio Farms, Inc. NJ 08/14/18
PA11758738 Bear Mountain Orchards, Inc. PA 08/15/18
PA11787379 Varner's Tree Farm PA 08/15/18
PA11785598 Paulus Farm Market PA 08/15/18
PA11758738 Rineer Family Farms PA 08/15/18
MA10401686 Bolton Spring Farm MA 08/15/18
PA11794173 Peaceful Valley Tree Farm, LLC PA 08/15/18
MA10380877 Ragged Hill Orchard MA 08/16/18
MA10150260 Atlas Farm, LLC MA 08/16/18
MA10267810 Verrill Farm, LLC MA 08/16/18
MA10289424 Stillman Farm MA 08/16/18
MA10386580 Boys In Berries, LLC DBA Wards Berry Farm MA 08/16/18
VT531301 Pierson Farm VT 08/16/18
MA10354089 Twin Oaks Farm MA 08/17/18
NJ1376232 Race Farms, LLC NJ 08/17/18
NJ1381445 Stony Hill Gardens, LLC NJ 08/18/18
PA11695551 Solebury Orchards, Inc. PA 08/18/18
VT529645 Cabot Smith Farm VT 08/19/18
MA10363029 Connermara House Farm, LLC MA 08/20/18
PA11915335 Taproot Farm PA 08/21/18
MA10270016 Kosinski Farm MA 08/23/18
MA10345496 Flat Hill Orchards MA 08/23/18
PA11943965 Peter's Orchards PA 08/23/18
PA11915005 Shan-Gri-La Farm, LLC PA 08/23/18
PA11932223 Boyer Orchards, LLC PA 08/23/18
MA10312439 Out Post Farm, LLC MA 08/24/18
MA10386438 Tougas Family Farm, LLC MA 08/24/18
VT532169 Paul Mazza's Fruit & Vegetable Stand, Inc. VT 08/25/18
MA10312435 Stillman Quality Meats, LLC MA 08/26/18
NJ1372801 Profeta Farms, LLC NJ 08/29/18
PA11794509 Jason Charles Produce PA 08/29/18
PA11947894 Brian Campbell Farms PA 08/30/18
PA12072461 Kemmerer Farms, LLC PA 08/30/18
MA10295552 Atlas Farm, LLC MA 08/31/18
MA10383395 Carlson Orchards, Inc. MA 08/31/18
NJ1369376 James Rambo, LLC NJ 09/06/18
MA10413749 Out Post Farm, LLC MA 09/09/18
PA11930599 SWJJ Incorporated PA 09/09/18
NJ1378605 Cassaday Farms, LLC NJ 09/10/18
MA10386481 Honey Pot Hill Orchards MA 09/10/18
MA10385793 Stillman Farm MA 09/10/18
MA10383376 Atlas Farm, LLC MA 09/16/18
VT531298 Misty Knoll Farm VT 09/29/18
NJ1381703 Buffalo Farms, Inc. NJ 10/30/18

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