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H-2B Clearance Orders

This web page lists current H-2B temporary jobs in New York. Each job order includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Information on housing, if available
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

The New York State Department of Labor is also obligated to post H-2B job orders from other states. If you are interested in employment in another state, please visit "Other State H-2B Clearance Orders."

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number, name of the employer, or the New York county the job is located in, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, by county, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column, and the entire job order will be available to view.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

If you have questions about this page, please contact

New York H-2B Clearance Orders
Job Order Name of Employer County Expiration Date
NY1237732 Quaker Ridge Country Club - Cook Westchester 3/11/2018    
NY1237111 Authentic Greek Food Nassau 3/11/2018    
NY1237640 Creative Stone Designs Washington 3/11/2018    
NY1237640 Complete Perfection Construction Albany 3/11/2018    
NY1237453 Montauk Manor Condominiums Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237455 Stonegate Landscape Construction Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237424 Natural Cycle Landscaping Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237439 H&G Home and Garden Services dba Landscapes Associates Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1236676 Robert Ribaudo Racing Stable Nassau 3/11/2018    
NY1237442 Summerhill Estate Care Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237752 J. Tortorella Heating and Gas Specialists Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1236952 Wayne Wood Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237905 National Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Saratoga 3/11/2018    
NY1237454 Swimming Pools by Jack Anthony Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237046 Island Design and Landscaping Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237545 Kingdom Road Nursery Seneca 3/11/2018    
NY1236978 Star Fish East Inc dba Beth's Cafe Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237726 Spring Home and Garden Corp. Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237717 Spring Landscape Corp. Westchester 3/11/2018    
NY1237159 S and S Market Inc dba East Hampton IGA Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237761 Roque Landscaping Group Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1237188 Oceanside Owners - Dining Room Attendant Suffolk 3/11/2018    
NY1236946 Village Hardware Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1238733 Gary Duff Designs Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237486 Cameron Landscape & Vintage Albany 03/11/2018    
NY1237518 Pearl Landscape Saratoga 03/11/2018    
NY1236667  Mark Hennig Racing Stables Inc. Nassau 03/11/2018     
NY1237314  Stasi Bros Asphalt Corp  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237157  Michael N. Dilger Racing Stable, Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237807  Josh Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.  Monroe  03/11/2018     
NY1237415  Eduardo's Lawn Care Service Corp.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236993  Gardeneering Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236990  Foley's Lawn Care Inc  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236984  TMBH Services dba Montauk Beach House  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236653  Equis Endeavor Inc. Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1236998 Gardiner's Bay Country Club Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237020  Horizons Unlimited Landscape Design Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237003  Groundworks Landscaping Inc  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237041  Hutchison Landscape Services Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237054 Island Landscape & Development Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237036 James H Lynch Irrigation Services Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237220  Raynor Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237420  Ocean Bay Management Inc  Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237256  Old Salem Farm Acquisition Corporation  Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237306  James H Lynch Landscaping Services Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237082  Lakeside Lawn & Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237879  New Dimensions Outdoor Services Inc.  Saratoga   03/11/2018     
NY1238089  Ocean Bay Management Inc. Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237799  John D. Cowen Landscape Associates LTD  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1238124  Fresh Meadow Country Club, Inc  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237711  Sole East LLC  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237706  Sole East LLC   Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237499  Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard Inc.  Otsego  03/11/2018     
NY1237517  Anandham Landscaping Corp  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237582  Benson Enterprises of NY Inc. DBA Benson Enterprises  Ontario  03/11/2018     
NY1236898  Bellow Gardens Inc. Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236895  Anthony Michael Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236892  Bedoya Brothers Landscaping Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236884  Buttercup Farm and Garden Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236674  Mott Thoroughbred Stables Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1236911  Daniel J. Fennessy Home Services Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236913  Darios Landscaping and Masonry Inc.   Suffolk  03/11/2018     


Baker Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.  Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1236958  DGT Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1236962  Dias Landscaping LLC  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236970  Shinnecook Hills Golf Club  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236971  Dinuzzo Associates LTD Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237006  East Ridge Landscaping Company Inc. Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237101  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237148  Maple Tree Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237228  Starr Boggs  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237266  Curti's Landscaping Inc.  Rockland  03/11/2018     
NY1237394  Craig James Socia Garden Design  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237397  Cutting Edge Estate Care Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237408  Binder Pools  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237828  LCS Companies of NY Dutchess   03/11/2018     
NY1237827  LCS Companies of NY Dutchess  03/11/2018     
NY1237915  Bloom's Relax Lawnscaping. Inc  Niagara  03/11/2018     
NY1237755  JFM Concrete Corp.   Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237669  Luna Landscape Corporation  Weschester  03/11/2018     
NY1237608  Celso Landscaping, Inc  Dutchess  03/11/2018     
NY1237664  Domenick Bulfamante and Sons, Inc.  Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237563  A.N. Martin Grain Systems  Wayne 03/11/2018     
NY1237583  Clover Lawn Care Inc.  Monroe  03/11/2018     
NY1237566  Callander's Nursery, Inc.  Columbia 03/11/2018     
NY1237326  James C Grimes Land Design Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237324  Home Maintenance Lawn Care Inc.   Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1238002  Northern Hospitality Management LLC   Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1237273  Fay Henderson Landscape Design Inc  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237989  Northern Hospitality Management LLC  Warren   03/11/2018     
NY1236954  Secatogue Property Care  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237209  Perez Landscaping Inc  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237146  Alan Goldberg Racing Stable  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237506  Larchmont Nurseries Inc.  Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237546  Claude R. McGaughey III Racing Stable, Inc.  Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1237318  Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237322  Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc.  Saratoga   03/11/2018     
NY1237479  Armington Nursery   Wayne  03/11/2018     
NY1237226 Professional Estate Care Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237588 Boathouse Restaurant LLC Warren 03/11/2018    
NY1237458 Solid Rock Water Systems Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237573 The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company, Inc Westchester 03/11/2018    
NY1237548 Andrew Zema's Landscaping, Inc. Rensselaer 03/11/2018    
NY1237071 Magnolia Landscaping Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237050  Lavender Landscaping Inc.   Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237300  Elite Synthetic Surfaces Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237104  Natures Guardian Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236881  Brian Mcdonald Construction Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1236655  Gary Sciacca Racing Stables, Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1236658  Kiaran McLaughlin Racing Stable, Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237504  Chippewa Stone LLC  Washington  03/11/2018     
NY1237254  Maid of the Mist Corporation  Niagara  03/11/2018     
NY1237649  Rodney's Landscaping   Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237203  Outdoor Expression Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237327  Southampton Golf Club  Suffolk  03/11/2018    
NY1237264  Alfieri Painting and Decorating Inc.  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237168  Maidstone Club  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237694  Lake George R.V. Park, Inc  Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1237161  Mainstone Club  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237171  Mainstone Club  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237317  Mainstone Club  Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1236963  WestHampton Country Club  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237418  Infinity Landscape and Asso Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237670  True Form Contracting   Dutchess  03/11/2018     
NY1236949  Bradmanz Landscaping LLC   Albany  03/11/2018     
NY1237658  Gunnison Lakeshore Orchards, Inc  Essex  03/11/2018    
NY1237164  Seaside Irrigation Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237296  Contemporary Stonescapes LTD  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237329  Southampton Golf Club  Suffolk   03/11/2018    
NY1237031  La Ronde Beach Club  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237411  Dune Resort LLC   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237463  Mandy Spring Farm Nursery, Inc.   Washington   03/11/2018     
NY1237405 Dune Resort LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237425 Ocean Bay Management, Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237490 Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard Otsego 03/11/2018    
NY1237757 JLC Landscape Services, Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237410 Dune Resort LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1237459 Goldens Bridge, Inc Westchester 03/11/2018    
NY1238090  Robert E Otto Inc.  Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1237353  Cold Spring Country Club, Inc  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237595  BrightView Landscapes, LLC- Hudson Highlands  Orange  03/11/2018     
NY1238733  Gary Duff Designs, Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1238736  JN Corcoran, Inc.  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237286  Seasonal Landscaping and Nursery, Inc.   Erie   03/11/2018     
NY1237349  Broadview Gardens EH Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237847  Lawn Island Professional Lawn Care II LLC  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237981  Landscaping by Renner, Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237338  Bella Inizio Farm, LLC   Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237340  Broadview Gardens EH Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237699  GSL Landscaping and Nursery, LLC   Schenectady  03/11/2018     
NY1237182  Mark Moskowitz Landscape Design Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237075  MGD Horticultural Services Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237278  Massey Masonry, LLC   Columbia   03/11/2018     
NY1237087  King and Co Landscape Contractors Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237553  Arthur J. Edwards Mason Contracting Company, Inc. DBA Arthur Edwards Centre  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1238092  Ogden's Design and Plantings Inc.  Warren  03/11/2018     
NY1237401  Hartman's Briney Breezes Motel Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237714  Cross Sound Deli Services, Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237645  Cross Sound Deli Services, Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237055  Kevin Ryan Pool Services LLC  Suffolk  03/11/2018     
NY1237265 Aquacade Swimming Pool Inc. Nassau 03/11/2018    
NY1237404 Kathryn's Flower Gardens LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018    
NY1238048 Hepco Quarries Inc. Broome 03/11/2018    
NY1237491 Aguado Landscaping Inc. Dutchess 03/11/2018     
NY1237396 First Blue LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237011 Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1238843 Aqua Turf Irrigation Systems, LLC Westchester 03/11/2018    
NY1237147 Rodolfo Castaneda Delaware 03/11/2018     


Montauk Management Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237183 MYC Resorts LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237180 MYC Resorts LLC Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237398 AC Landscaping LTD Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237108 Montauk IGA Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237464 Tara Gardens Inc. Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1237748 J. Tortorella Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance Suffolk 03/11/2018     
NY1238091  Agri Ornamentals Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018    
NY1237217  Rachel Lynch Swimming Pool Service Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018    
NY1237015  Gurney's Inn Resorts and Spa   Suffolk   03/11/2018    
NY1237339 Bella Inizio Farm, LLC   Nassau  03/11/2018    
NY1237008  Gurney's Inn Resorts and Spa   Suffolk   03/11/2018    
NY1237010  Gurney's Inn Resorts and Spa  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237831  M Group Landscaping LLC   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237193  Montauk Lake Club & Marina  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237419  Fertilawn Inc.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237539 Empire Landscaping & Snow Plowing, Inc.   Ulster   03/11/2018     
NY1236957  Westhampton Country Club   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237728  Evergreen Lawn & Gardens Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237568  Autochem Corp.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237014  Hesperus Corp dba Procorm   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237409  Dune Resort LLC   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1238732  John Gismondi Landscaping Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237436  Mahoney Associates Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237609  Pooltastic Pool work Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237648  Dutchess Landscapes, LLC   Dutchess   03/11/2018     
NY1237429  Radical Roots Landscaping   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237772  Maple Inn, LLC   Albany   03/11/2018     
NY1237400  Diamond Cove Marina Inc.    Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237613  Capital City Produce, LLC   Albany  03/11/2018     
NY1237629  Sevenzocks Property Maintenance   Albany  03/11/2018     
NY1237303  George's Market and Nursery, LLC   Albany  03/11/2018     
NY1236991  Double K Management Corp   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237369  All Star Sport Zone Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237250  Davenport Enterprises, Inc.  Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237446  Summerhill Landscapes Inc.   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237427  JJ Toner Racing Stable   Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237739  Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Inc.   Westchester  03/11/2018     
NY1237195  Oceanside Owners LLC   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237450  Swan Creek Family Corp.  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237272  Trade Winds Farms (TAC,LLC)  Saratoga   03/11/2018     
NY1237590  Brightview Landscapes, LLC   Schenectady  03/11/2018     
NY1238004  Shamrock Shows and Amusements Inc.   Dutchess  03/11/2018     
NY1236882  Brookville Country Club  Nassau  03/11/2018     
NY1237448  Summerhill Plant Health Care  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237431  Pine Hollow Country Club  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237434  Pine Hollow Country Club   Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237768  Seasons East Lawn Care   Rensselaer   03/11/2018     
NY1237025  John's Drive In  Suffolk   03/11/2018     
NY1237577  Cantele Tent Rentals, LLC   Columbia   03/11/2018     
NY1237034 Sagbolt LLC Warren 03/11/2018     
NY1237426 Peat and Son Corp Suffolk 



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