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H-2B Clearance Orders

This web page lists current H-2B temporary jobs in New York. Each job order includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Information on housing, if available
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

The New York State Department of Labor is also obligated to post H-2B job orders from other states. If you are interested in employment in another state, please visit "Other State H-2B Clearance Orders."

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number, name of the employer, or the New York county the job is located in, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, by county, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column, and the entire job order will be available to view.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

If you have questions about this page, please contact [email protected].

If you are a US domestic worker who has applied for one or more of the jobs listed below for which you meet the minimum qualifications, and you have been unfairly denied the job opportunity, please contact the New York State Department of Labor’s Foreign Labor and Agriculture Specialist Caylin Gwise at [email protected] or (585) 258-8855.

New York H-2B Clearance Orders
Job Order Name of Employer Job Title County Expiration Date
NY1328495 Dune Resorts LLC Cabana Attendant Suffolk 03/11/2020
NY1329017  Maidstone Club, Inc.  Server  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1322987  Ascape Landscaping & Construction Corp  Landscape Laborer  Rockland  03/11/2020 
NY1328537 Pearl Landscaping LLC Landscape Laborer Saratoga  03/11/2020 
NY1328392  North America Landscaping & Irrigation Ltd  Landscaping and Irrigation Workers Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1325581  Summerhill Landscapes, Inc  Landscaper  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325866  Long Island Shed Builders, Inc.  General Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324891  Skyview Landscapes, Inc.  Landscape Worker  Saratoga 03/11/2020 
NY1328503  Dune Resorts LLC  Front Desk  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325810  Groundworks Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328382  Chippewa Stone, LLC   Stone Palletizer/ Packer  Washington  03/11/2020 
NY1324496  Alan Goldberg Racing Stable (Belmont)  Stable Attendant  Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1324400  Lakeside Lawn & Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1329268  Shamrock Shows and Amusements Inc  Carnival Worker  Ulster  03/11/2020 
NY1322715  Atlontikos Ltd dba Last Hope Lagoon  Dining Room Attendants  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1326158  Ramiro's Tree Services, Inc.  Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1322837  A Marinucci Contracting   Laborer, General  Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1325967  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort  Laundry Attendant  Warren  03/11/2020 
NY1328719  Partytime Rentals, Inc.  Tent Installation Helper  Dutchess  03/11/2020 
NY1329003  Maidstone Club, Inc  Dining Room and Food Service Worker  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324328  Magnolia Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325831  Dias Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1322721  Rodolfo Castaneda   Landscape Laborer  Delaware  03/11/2020 
NY1324207  Southampton Golf Club  Servers  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324346  Hutchison Landscape Services  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk   03/11/2020 
NY1324488  Perez Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer Suffolk   03/11/2020 
NY1328380  JFM Concrete Corp   Landscape Laborer Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324500  Alan Goldberg Racing Stable  Stable Attendant   Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325832  Stix and Stones Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328712 Natural Cycle Landscaping Inc Office Clerks  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325347  C. Whitmore Gardens  Landscapers   Suffolk   03/11/2020 
NY1322631  King & Co Landscape Contractors Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324630  Equis Endeavor Inc. (Saratoga) Stable Attendant  Saratoga  03/11/2020 
NY1322838  Contemporary Stonescapes Ltd  Laborer, General  Suffolk/ Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1325352  Above All Masonry Design, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1322766  First Blue LLC Stable Attendant  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328674 Chad Brown Racing Stables, Inc.  Non-Farm Animal Caretaker  Saratoga  03/11/2020 
NY1325193  Eduardo's Lawn Care Service Corp  Landscapers  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328389  Lakeview Lawn & Landscape, Inc.  Ground Maintenance Specialist Ontario  03/11/2020 
NY1328576  Larchmont Nurseries, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1323014  Rodney's Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Nassau/ Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328338  Montauk Flighthouse, LLC  Sales Clerk  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328906  Northstar Premier Soccer Soccer Coach  Saratoga  03/11/2020 
NY1325966  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort Housekeeper  Warren  03/11/2020 
NY1325826  Michele Andreoli Landscaping Inc.  Landscaping and Groundskeep  Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1325512 Warren's Nursery Inc  Nursery Worker  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328852  Gardens by Romi  Landscape Laborer Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325245 Roberto Panetta Landscaping, Inc.  Landscaper   Westchester 03/11/2020 
NY1328583 Micosta Enterprises, Inc Prep Cook and Cleaner   Columbia   03/11/2020 
NY1324967  Tri R Services, Inc.  Landscapers Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328483  Andrew Zema's Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Rensselaer   03/11/2020 
NY1331514  Juniors Design & Build Firm   Landscape Laborer  Erie  03/11/2020 
NY1325191  J Tortorella Swimming Pool Services & Maintenance, Inc General Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1322771  Hartman's Briney Breezes Motel, Inc.  Laundry Workers  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325538  Ado Home Improvement dba DGT Lawn Sprinklers   Irrigation Helper   Nassau/ Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324293  Bellows Gardens Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk/ Nassau 03/11/2020 
NY1325804  Gardiner's Bay Country Club  Food Preparation Worker   Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324778  John C Kimmel Racing Stable (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1325555  James C Grimes Land Design, Inc.  Landscapers   Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328534  Smitty's Nursery and Landscape, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Greene  03/11/2020 
NY1325824  Schodack Trucking & Septic, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Rensselaer 03/11/2020 
NY1324525  Christophe Clement Racing Stable Inc. (Belmont)  Stable Attendant  Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1322910 MGD Horticultural Services Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk/ Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1324402  John Gismondi Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1328394  Gould's Lawn & Landscape, Inc.  Landscape Laborer Washington/ Warren  03/11/2020 
NY1324304  Buttercup Farm & Garden Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1326149  Cold Spring Country Club. Inc.  Food Servers  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328596  Sole East LLC   Cook  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1328609  Total Events, LLC   Tent and Prop Installer   Schenectady  03/11/2020 
NY1325483  Rhetts Spielberg Landscape Associates, Inc.  Landscapers  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324812  KDE Equine LLC   Stable Attendant Saratoga  03/11/2020 
NY1328422  Empire Landscaping & Snow Plowing, Inc.  Landscape Laborer Ulster  03/11/2020 
NY1328590  National Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance, LLC Landscape Laborer  Saratoga/ Albany  03/11/2020 
NY1329011  Martinez Landscaping   Landscape Laborer  Columbia/ Dutchess  03/11/2020 
NY1325580  Summerhill Landscapes, Inc.  Irrigation Technician Suffolk/ Nassau  03/11/2020 
NY1325494  Westchester Tree Life, Inc.  Tree Trimmer  Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1328532  Celso Landscaping, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Dutchess  03/11/2020 
NY1324312  Dario's Landscaping & Masonry, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1324378  Fertilawn, Inc.  Landscaping  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325232  Goldens Bridge dba Heritage Farm  Horse Groom  Westchester  03/11/2020 
NY1329045  Hydroseeding Technologies, LLC  Ground Maintenance Worker  Ontario  03/11/2020 
NY1328541  Imperial Lawn Care and Property Services, LLC  Landscape Laborer  Greene  03/11/2020 
NY1324401  Professional Estate Care  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1325802  Radical Roots Landscaping  Landscaper  Suffolk  03/11/2020 
NY1322878  Schindler Enterprises, Inc.  Window Washer  Suffolk  03/11/2020 

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