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New York H-2B Non-Agricultural Job Openings

This web page lists current H-2B temporary jobs in New York. Each job listing includes information on:

  • Dates of work
  • Location of the job
  • Information on housing, if available
  • Job duties
  • Hours/days to be worked
  • Wage rates

The New York State Department of Labor is also obligated to post H-2B non-agricultural job openings in other states. If you are interested in employment in another state, please visit "Out-of-State H-2B Non-Agricultural Job Openings."

This page includes a search feature. If you know the job order number, name of the employer, or the New York county the job is located in, you may type that in the “Search” box, and a smaller number of entries will appear. You may also click on the arrows to the right of each column heading to sort the entries numerically, alphabetically, by county, or by expiration date. Once you locate a job you are interested in, click on the link under the “Job Order” column, and the entire job order will be available to view.

The date shown in the “Expiration Date” column is the last date that the job order is open for referral. Once this date passes, the job order is removed from the web page and employers are no longer obligated to interview and/or hire U.S workers who are referred to the job by a Career Center or through self-referral.

If you have questions about this page, please contact [email protected].

If you are a US domestic worker who has applied for one or more of the jobs listed below for which you meet the minimum qualifications, and you have been unfairly denied the job opportunity, please contact the New York State Department of Labor’s Foreign Labor and Agriculture Specialist Caylin Gwise at [email protected] or (585) 258-8855.

New York H-2B Non-Agricultural Job Openings
Job OrderName of Employer Job TitleCountyExpiration Date
NY1356616  Serrano Contracting  Painter's Helper  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355256  BrightView Landscape LLC   Landscape Laborer  Orange  3/11/2021 
NY1354640  Dunes Resorts LLC   Housekeepers   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354507  Natural Cycle Landscaping Inc.   Landscapers   Suffollk   3/11/2021 
NY1354754  Mitchell Friedman Racing Stable  Horse Groom   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355005  Manorville Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354646  Ocean Bay Management   Front Desk   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354435  Hartman's Briney Breezes Motel  Laundy Workers   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356658  Peckham Rd Corp  Laborers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1356543  Bella Inizio Farm  Horse Grooms  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1356367  Atlantic Golf Club  Groundskeeper  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356309  Warrens Nursery Inc.   Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356298  Fenway Golf Club  Server  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356208  Northern Hospitality Management LLC   Resort Grounds Worker  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355176  Long Island Shed Builders Inc  General Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355032  Perez Landscape Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356177  Infinity Landscape & Associates Inc.  Landscaping  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355028  MGD Horticultural Services Inc  Landscape Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355540  Hudson Valley Party Rentals dba Rhinebeck Party Rentals  Dishwashers  Dutchess  3/11/2021 
NY1354577  Christophe Clement Racing Stable  Stable Attendant   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1355097  Maidstone Club  Dining Room Attendant  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356550  HookedMtk Inc. dba Hooked Food Preparation Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021
NY1356203  Boathouse Restaurant LLC  Cook  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355897  Ed's Landscapes Service Corp  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354793  Brian McDonald Construction Inc.  General Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355041  JFM Concrete Corp  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355146  Professional Touch Gardens & Landscaping Inc.  Landscaper  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355165  Ogden's Design and Plantings   Landscaper  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355286  Amersi Enterprises Inc. dba Surfside on the Lake  Housekeepers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355606  Swimming Pools by Jack Anthony  Pool Cleaner  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355645  M&R Forestry Service, Inc  Helpers- Carpenter  Orange  3/11/2021 
NY1355852  Spring Landscape Corporation   Landscaping & Groundskeeping Worker  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355860  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort  Waiters and Waitresses  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355682  A-1 Land Care, Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355944  Spring Home and Garden Corp  Landscape Laborers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355957  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort  Cooks  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1356327  Bob Gosman Co. Inc.  Food Preparation Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356364  Montauk Atlantic Terrance Hotel dba Marram  Pastry Chef  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356481  Montauk Management dba Harborside Motel  Housekeeping  Suffolk  3/11/021 
NY1356473  East Bay Detailing Inc.   Boat Cleaner  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356554  Clover Lawn Care Inc   Landscape Laborers  Monroe  3/11/2021 
NY1356389  Cifarelli's Crystal Cleaning Corp  Window Washer  Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1356204  Northern Hospitality Management LLC  Housekeepers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355518  Kingdom Rd Nursery dba All Seasons Care Landscape Laborer  Seneca  3/11/2021 
NY1356031  Event Catering Inc. dba Main Event Amusements  Amusement & Recreation Attendants  Onondaga  3/11/2021 
NY1356027  Tasdemir Marble & Granite LLC  Stonemasons  New York  3/11/2021 
NY1355723  Robert George Design Group Ltd  Landscape  Dutchess  3/11/2021 
NY1355462  Troy's Landscape Supply Co, Inc.  Nursery Worker  Albany  3/11/2021 
NY1355372  American Design and Contracting LLC  Segmental Pavers  Albany  3/11/2021 
NY1355300  Westhampton Country Club  Food Preperation Workers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355259  BrightView Landscapes LLC  Landscape Laborer Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355108  Maidstone Club  Server Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355047  Bedoya Brothers Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355044  Martin Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355003  Dream Yard Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354904  Lakeside Lawn & Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354798  Macchia Landscaping. Inc  Landscape Laborer  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354796  Eddie's Yard Maintenance LLC  Landscape Laborer  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354651  Jten Inc.  Line Cook  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356376  Alfieri Painting & Decorating Inc.  Painter Helper  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356318  Bob Gosman Co Inc.  Cashier  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356188  Dumbo Moving & Storage, Inc.  Mechandise Laborer  King  3/11/2021
NY1356173  Tom Bush Stables Inc. Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356041  Playland Amusements  Carnival Worker   Cayuga 3/11 2021
NY1355890 Mainstone Club  Cook, Short Order  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355998  Cutting Edge Estate Care Inc.   Landscaping  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355967  The Gallivan Corporation dba Applied Mulch & Soil  Landscape Laborer  Rensselaer  3/11/2021
NY1355858  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort  Laundry Attendant   Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355822  Tara Gardens, Inc  Landscapers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355199  Summerhill Estate Care  Irrigation Technicians  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355523  C Whitmore Gardens  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355465  Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc.   Landscape Laborer  Dutchess  3/11/2021 
NY1355341  Sebonack Golf Club  Landscaping Laborers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355280  John C Kimmel Racing Stable (Saratoga)  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355189  Summerhill Estate Care  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021
NY1355036  Rodney's Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Nassua  3/11/2021 
NY1355030  Nature's Guardian  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354997  Ado Home Improvement dba DGT Lawn Sprinklers  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354980  Fay Henderson Landscape Design Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354903  Garden by Romi  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354650  Ocean Bay Management  Housekeepers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354631  Dunes Resorts LLC   Cabana Attendant  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354426  Fertilawn Inc  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021
NY1354391  Brick & Stone Masons Ltd  Laborers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355278  Seasonal Landscaping & Nursery Landscape Laborer  Erie  3/5/2021 
NY1356192  Dumbo Moving & Storage, Inc.   Production Helper  Kings  3/11/2021
NY1355885  Rocco Macchia, Inc  Landscape Worker   Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355839  New Dimensions Outdoor Services, Inc   Landscape laborer Saratoga   3/11/2021 
NY1355668  Handal Racing (Belmont)  Thoroughbred Racehorse Grooms  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355178  Westhampton Country Club  Dishwasher  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354591  Peat & Son Corp  Nursery Workers Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354804  Roberto Panetta Landscaping, Inc.   Landscaper  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354795  All My Kicks LLC   Marking Clerks   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354792  Aquacade Swimming Pool Inc.   Pool Cleaner  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354661  Pooltastic Pool Works  Pool Cleaner   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354572  Claude R McGaughey III Racing Stables  Stable Attendant   Saratoga  3/11/2021
NY1354483  Landscape Details Inc  Landscaping Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356393  Jim Field & Sons Painting Inc.  Painter Helper   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356446  Irrigation Solutions  Irrigation Helper   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356386  Catherine's Cleaning  Laundry Worker  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356384  Atlontikos Ltd dba Last Hope Lagoon   Dining Room Attendant   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356231 Montauk IGA LLC   Stock Clerk   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356136  Ron Gibbons Simming Pool Inc. dba Gibbons Pools  General Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355832  Northstar Premier Soccer  Soccer Coach  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1355955  Gardeneering, Inc  Landscape Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355763  Blooms Relax Lawnscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer   Niagara   3/11/2021 
NY1355686  Lake Placid Lodge NY LLC  Cook  Essex   3/11/2021 
NY1355547  Dario's Landscaping & Masonary Inc.   Landscape Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355488  Celso Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer   Dutchess  3/11/2021
NY1355466  Cantele Tent Rentals LLC   Tent & Prop Installer   Columbia   3/11/2021 
NY1355112  Mainstone Club  GroundsKeeper  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355402  Montauk Lake Club & Marina   Dining Room Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021
NY1355295  Gardiner's Bay Country Club   Servers   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355101  Chip Evergreen Inc  Landscape Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355054  Lakeview Lawn & Landscape Inc.   Gounds Maintenance specialist   Ontario  3/11/2021 
NY1355039  Rodolfo Castaneda   Landscape Laborer   Delaware  3/11/2021 
NY1354998  Libery lawn & Landscape   Landscape Laborer Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354826  John Gismondl Landscaping General Laborer   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354805  Rachel Lynch Swimming Pool Services Inc  Pool Cleaner   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354586  First Blue LLC   Stable Attendants  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354513  Natural Cycle Landscaping Inc.  Office Clerk  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356545  Bellows Gardens  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356371  Quaker Ridge Golf Club  Cook  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356303  J Tortorella Heating & Gas Specialists, Inc.   General Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356299  J Tortorella Pool Service & Maintenance, Inc.   Pool Cleaner  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356295  Faery's Golf & Landscape   Landscape Laborer  Niagara  3/11/2021 
NY1355276  Daniel H. ConwayRacing Stable  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356293  Aqua Turf Irrigation Systems, LLC   Groundskeeping/Irrigation Workers  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355515  Bolton Rentals Inc dba Contessa Resort   Housekeepers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355247 BrightView Landscapes LLC   Landscape Laborer  Albany   3/11/2021 
NY1355024  Southampton Golf Club   Landscape Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354811  Roots Etc Inc.   Landscape Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354705  Morano Landscaping   Landscaper  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354684  Sottessy Landscaping & Gardening   Landscaping  Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1354643  Ocean Bay Management  Cabana Attendant   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356608  Dileo Landscaping Ltd  Landscape Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356499  Cross Sound Deli Services  Deli Worker  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356435  TMBH Services dba The Montauk Beach House  Housekeeping  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356380  Ascape Landscaping & Construction Corp  Landscape Laborer  Rockland  3/11/2021 
NY1356306  Autochem Corp  Production Helpers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356296 John D. Cowen Landscape Associates Ltd.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356142 Rossi Landscape, Inc Landscape Laborer Albany 3/11/2021
NY1356000 Montauk Flighthouse LLC Sale Clerks Suffolk 3/11/2021
NY1356117 Tasdemir Marble & Granite LLC Tile Setters New York 3/11/2021
NY1356058 Micosta Enterprises Inc Prep Cook and Cleaner Columbia 3/11/2021
NY1356049 Twin Oaks Lawn & Landscape Inc. Landscape Laborers Wayne 3/11/2021
NY1355770 Sole East LLC Food Preparation Workers Suffolk 3/11/2021
NY1355445 Gunnison lakeshore Orchards, Inc. Baker Essex 3/11/2021
NY1355767 Sole East LLC Cook Suffolk 3/11/2021
NY1355670 Gary Sciacca Racing Stable (Saratoga) Stable Attendant Nassau 3/11/2021
NY1355669 Leo O'Brien Racing Stable Thoroughbred Racehorse Grooms Nassau 3/11/2021
NY1355421 Pearl Landscaping LLC Landscape Laborer Saratoga 3/11/2021
NY1355426 Colley's Pool Sales, Inc. dba Colley's Pools & Spas Pool Masonry Helper Erie 3/11/2021
NY1355291 Gardiner's Bay Country Club Landscape Laborers Suffolk 3/11/2021
NY1355416 True Form Contracting Inc. Concrete Laborer Dutchess 3/11/2021
NY1355362 Callander's Nursery Landscape Laborer Columbia 3/11/2021
NY1355288 Radical Roots Landscaping Landscaping Suffolk 3/11/2021
NY1354644 Pine Hollow Country Club Bussers Nassau 3/11/2021
NY1356449  Marco Industries Inc  Landscape Laborer   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356570  Armington Nursery dba Wayside Contractors  Landscape Laborer  Wayne   3/11/2021 
NY1356392  J&P Pool Service   Pool Cleaner  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356365  Island Design & Landscaping Inc.  Nursery Worker   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356362  Botanic Nursery  Nursery Worker   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356301  J Tortorella Swimming Pools, Inc.  General Laborer   Suffolk   3/11/2021 


Montauk Atlantic Terrance Hotel dba Marram  Food Service Supervisor  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356263  Columbia Tent Rentals LLC   Tent Installer/ Laborer  Columbia   3/11/2021 
NY1356158  KC Concessions Inc.  Counter Attendants (mobile)  Queens  3/11/2021 
NY1356154  Traditional landscaping & Design LLC   Grounds/Maintenance Specialist  Albany  3/11/2021 
NY1356121  Junior's lawn Service & Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Erie  3/11/2021 
NY1355510  Hydroseeding Technologies LLC   Ground Maintenance Worker  Ontario   3/11/2021 
NY1355893  Blue Sky Amusements & Entertainment, LTD   Amusement & Recreation Attendants  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355484  Clean Cut Lawn Care Maintenance & Snowplowing LLC   Landscape Laborer  Greene  3/11/2021 
NY1355475  Summerhill Estate Care LLC   Plant Care Technician   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355298  Brookville Country Club   Dining Room Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355195  Westhampton Country Club   Servers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355179  Baker Landscape & Irrigation Inc.   Landscape Laborer   Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1354984  Home Maintenance Lawn Care Inc.   Landscape Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354769  Mandy Spring Farm Nursery Inc.   Landscape Laborer   Washington  3/11/2021 
NY1354641  Southhampton Estate Care  Landscapers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354637  Dunes Resorts LLC   Front Desk   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354517  Newtown Landscapes Inc.  Landscaping   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354497  M Cardona Landscaping   Landscaping  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356607  JN Corcoran, Inc.  Construction Laborers  Herkimer  3/11/2021 
NY1356391  Hersperus Corp dba Procorm  General Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1357070  Starfish East dba Beth's Cafe  Food Preparation Workers   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356328  Bob Gosman Co Inc.   Warehouse Workers  Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1256219  Shamrock Shows & Amusements  Ride Operator   Ulster  3/11/2021 
NY1355960  Gary Duff Designs, Inc   Landscaping & Groundskeeping  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356179  Wonderland Midway Corp   Amusement Attendant King   3/11/2021 
NY1355835  Fresh Meadow Country Club, Inc  Fresh Meadow Country Club, Inc.   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355537  Kevin Kelly Poured Foundations Inc.   Landscape Laborers  Dutchess  3/11/2021 
NY1355399  Creative Stone Designs LLC  Stonework Laborer  Washington  3/11/2021 
NY1355303  Both Restaurants Corp dba Bostwicks on the Harbor   Line Cooks Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1355105  B&G Pool & Landscaping Services Inc  Landscape Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355277  Daniel H Conway Racing Stable (Saratoga)  Stable Attendant   Ontario  3/11/2021 
NY1355106   B&G Pool & Landscaping Services Inc. Pool Cleaner  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355001  RSLA Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354930  La Ronde Beach Club  Food Preparation Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354808  Weaver Racing Stables Inc.(saratoga)  Thoroughbred Horse Grooms  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354779  Massey Masonry LLC   Stonemason Columbia  3/11/2021 
NY1354735  Anthony DiBiasi Landscaping  Landscaper  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354574  T.A Racing LLC (saratoga)  Stable Attendant  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354511  Claude R McGaughey III Racing Stables  Stable Attendant  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354439  James C Grimes Landscape  Landscaping  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354281  The New York Racing Association Inc.  Groundskeeper   Queens  3/11/2021 
NY1353520  Hampton Golf Club  Greenkeeper  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356622  Chad Brown Racing Stables, Inc.   Non- Farm Animal Caretaker  Saratoga   3/11/2021 
NY1356571  Empire Landscaping & Snow Plowing   Landscape Laborer  Nassau 3/11/2021 
NY1356547  Northeast Mesa LLC   Laborers   Putnam 3/11/2021 
NY1356452 Nassau Builders Inc  General Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356427  Stasi Bros Asphalt Corp  Yard Worker   Nassau 3/11/2021 
NY1356191  Dumbo Moving & Storage, Inc   Merchandise Driver  Kings  3/11/2021 
NY1356162  LCS Landscapes NY LLC   Groundskeeper  Dutchess  3/11/2021 
NY1356127  Domenick Bulfamante & Sons  Grounds/Maintenance Specialist   Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356087  Luna Landscape Corporation   Landscape Laborer  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356022  The Seawane Club LLC   Line Cooks Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355933  Forgione Landscaping dba A&J Landscaping  Landscaping   Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355930  Michele Andreoli Landscaping, Inc. Landscaping Worker Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355755  Arthur Edwards Pool & Spa Centre   Helpers-Maintenance & Repair Workers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355671 Gary Sciacca Racing Stables (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355528   Season's East Lawn Care Landscape Laborers  Rensselaer  3/11/2021 
NY1355289  Gardiner's Bay Country Club  Food Preparation Workers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355183  Naturally Great Foods  Cook, Short Order  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355119  Wayne Wood Inc  Nursery Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355098  Maidstone Club  Dishwasher  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354810  River Run Farm LLC    Horse Groom/Stables Attendant Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354801  LAMA Construction  Carpenter Helper  Onondaga  3/11/2021 
NY1354765  Rain or Shine Tent Company  Tent and Prop Installer  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354647  Pine Hollow Country Club  Cleaner  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354529  T.A Racing LLC   Stable Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354524  RAM Enterprises Irrigation & Turf Inc  Landscaping   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1354516  Equis Endeavor, INC  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1356424  Mr Landscape Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Rockland   3/11/2021 
NY1357661  Double K Management Corp  Laundry Worker   Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356390  Contemporary Stonescape Ltd  General Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356307  Josh Lawn Care & Landscaping  Landscape Laborer Monroe  3/11/2021 
NY1356305  East Hampton IGA, LLC Helper- Roofers  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1356003  Stonegate Landscape Construction   Laborers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356302  Maple Guy Construction, Inc  Helpers- Roofers  Erie  3/11/2021 
NY1356038  Leatherstocking Corp dba The Otesaga Resort Hotel  Line Cooks  Otsego  3/11/2021 
NY1356029  Fly Creek Cider Hill & Orchard  Snack Barn Worker  Otsego  3/11/2021 
NY1355844  Paez Landscaping Corp  Landscaping Worker  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355936  Gil R Landscaping Corp  Landscaping & Groundskeeping Worker  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355879  Ramiro Tree Service, Inc  Landscaping Worker Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355856 Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort   Housekeepers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355478  Summerhill Estate Care LLC  Pesticide Applicator  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355432  Mott Thoroughbred Stables (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1355279  John C Kimmel Racing Stable (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355180  East Ridge Landscaping Company  Landscape Laborer  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355121  John's Drive In  Dining Room Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355113  Stix and Stones Landscaping Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355103  Elite Synthetic Surface Inc  Landscape Laborer Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355029  Lake George RV Park Inc Resort Ground Workers  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355027  Southampton Golf Club  Golf Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355000  Mahoney Associate Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354993  John Gismondi Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354938  Southampton Golf Club  Servers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354802  Gould's Lawn & Landscape, Inc  Landscape Laborer  Washington  3/11/2021 
NY1354797  The Thompson House   Dishwashers  Greene  3/11/2021 
NY1354713  National Lawn Sprinklers, INC  Landscaper  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354692  Blue Spruce Nursery, Inc  Landscape Worker  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354682  Village Hardware  Stock Clerks  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354657  Pooltastic Pool Works  Maintenance Helpers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354531  Bas Montauk Corp dba Sausages Pizza  Counter Clerks  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1353622  The FA Bartlett Tree Company   Ground Person Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356176 Michaell Ferraro  Stable Attendant   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1356175  Michael Ferraro (Belmont) Stable Attendant   Nassau   3/11/2021 
NY1355938  Nacho Landscaping Inc.  Landscaping Worker  Westchester  3/11 2021
NY1356564 Larchmont Nurseries Inc  Landscape Laborer Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355895  Flat Rate Movers Ltd dba FlatRate Moving Mover   Bronx 3/11/2021 
NY1355841  Fresh Meadow Country Clubs, Inc  Golf Course Attendants   Nassau 3/11/2021 
NY1355691 Lake Placid Lodge NY LLC  Waiter/Waitress  Essex  3/11/2021 
NY1355667  Gyarmati Racing (Belmont)  Thoroughbred Racehorse Grooms  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355436  HURB Landscaping  Landscape Laborer  Albany  3/11/2021 
NY1355431  Champlain Stone LTD  Stone Quarry  Warren  3/11/2021 
NY1355350  Chippewa Stone LLC   Stone Palletizer/Packer  Washington  3/11/2021
NY1355334  Bradmanz Landscaping LLC   Landscape Worker  Albany  3/11/2021 
NY1355080  Jose Flores Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354927  Hampton Rustic LLC   Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355034  Professional Estate Care Inc  Landscape Laborer Sufolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355006  Steve's Lawns Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Rockland  3/11/2021 
NY1354937  John's Drive In  Seasonal Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354807  Paul's Lawn Care LLC   Landscape Worker Saratoga  3//11/2021 
NY1354778  Skyview Landscapes LLC   Landscape Worker Saratoga 3/11/2021 
NY1354756  Davenport Enterprises Inc  Horse Groom  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1354717  Trade Wind Farms (TAC) LLC  Horse Groom   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354575  Equis Endeavor, Inc (Saratoga)  Stable Attendant Saratoga   3/11/2021 
NY1354534  Smith Brothers Inc  Landscaping   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354530 AC Landscaping LTD  Landscaping Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354528 Alan Goldberg Racing Stable (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354527  Scott L Wilson Landscape & Tree Specialist Inc.  Landscaping   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356336  Gosman's Restaurant & Bar Inc  Food Preparation Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356266  Rick's Food Service  Food Preparation Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356035  Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard  Store Cleak  Otsego  3/11/2021 
NY1355954  Tri State Gunite LP  Conrete Finishers  Rockland  3/11/2021 
NY1355861  Sagbolt LLC dba The Sagamore Resort Dishwashers  Warren 3/11/2021 
NY1355771 Sole East LLC  Laundry Worker  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355702  Unlimited Outdoor Designs Inc  General Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355495  Adirondack Natural Stone LLC  Stone Palletizer/Packer  Washington  3/11/2021 
NY1355485  Imperial Lawn Care and Property Services LLC  Landscape Laborer  Greene 3/11/2021 
NY1355131  Warrens Nursery Inc.  Nursery Worker   Warren   3/11/2021 
NY1355076  Fuschetto & Son Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355064  Curti Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Rockland  3/11/2021 
NY1355031  Outdoor Expressions Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1354901  Mark Moskowitz Landscape Design Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354791  A Marinucci Contracting  General Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354519  On Time Field Services Inc  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1356591  Jamrock Jerk LLC  Food Service Worker Queens  3/11/2021 
NY1356820  MEI GNY Hospitality dba Gurney's Montauk Resort  DIshwasher   Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1356600  Jamrock Team LLC   Food Service Worker  Queens  3/11/2021 
NY1356595  Tanto Irrigation LLC  Groundskeeper: Irrigation Worker  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356374  Quaker Ridge Golf club  Server  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356265  Apawamis Club  Server  Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1356132  Benson Enterprises of New York Inc.  Landscape Laborer  Ontario  3/11/2021 
NY1356062  GSL Landscaping and Nursery LLC   Landscape Laborer  Schenectady  3/11/2021 
NY1356042  Rhetts Spielberg Landscape Associates Inc.  Landscaping   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355636  Complete Prefection Construction LLC  Roofer Helper  Albany   3/11/2021 
NY1356018  The Seawane  Club LLC  Food Servers  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355672  Mark Henning Racing Stable Inc (Belmont)  Stable Attendant   Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1355531  Smitty's Nursery & Landscape Inc.   Landscape Laborers  Greene  3/11/2021 
NY1355418  Westchester Tree Life, Inc  Tree Trimmer Westchester  3/11/2021 
NY1355206  James H. Lynch Landscaping Service Inc. Landscape Laborer  Suffolk   3/11/2021 
NY1355174  Andrew Zema's Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Rensselaer 3/11/2021 
NY1355118  Buttercup Farm & Garden Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1355096  Z Pool Boy Inc.   Pool Cleaner  Suffolk 3/11/2021 
NY1354929  Groundworks Landscaping Inc  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354921  Hutchison Landscape Services  Landscape Laborer  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354828  Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc.   Horse Groom  Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354806  Weaver Racing Stables (Belmont)  Thoroughbred Horse Grooms  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354823  Todd A. Pletcher Racing Stables, Inc  Horse Groom  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354648  Pine Hollow Country Club  Waiters  Nassau  3/11/2021 
NY1354718  Ebenezer Yard Materials LLC  Landscape/Property Maintenance Worker  Erie  3/11/2021 
NY1354697  Bollman Landscape Management, LLC   Landscape Worker   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354570  Alan Goldberg Racing Stable  Stable Attendant   Saratoga  3/11/2021 
NY1354521  Christophe Clement Racing Stable   Stable Attendant   Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354496  Montauk Manor  Housekeepers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354493  Long Summers Landscaping Inc  Landscapers  Suffolk  3/11/2021 
NY1354396  Eduardo's Lawn Care Services Corp  Landscaping  Suffolk  3/11/2021 

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