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Department of Labor

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Data Sharing

The ability to share information to qualified entities has been enhanced as a result of the UI Data Sharing Bill (S5773A), which amended NYS Labor Law Labor Law §537 to allow expanded access to Unemployment Insurance (UI) program data.

Government agencies, including SUNY and CUNY, can now use this data for:
  • evaluation of program performance including longitudinal outcome analysis;
  • financial or other analysis required by federal state or local law or regulation;
  • preparation of reports required by federal state or local law or regulation;
  • operation of public programs by federal, state or local governmental agencies or their agents, contractors and subcontractors for the purpose of improving the quality or delivery of program services or to create operational efficiencies;
  • establishment of common case management systems between federal, state or local agencies delivering or supporting workforce services for a shared customer base for the purpose of fostering workforce partnerships, program coordination, inter-agency collaboration, improving program services, or creating operational efficiencies.

Important Links:

UI Data Sharing FAQs

Detailed description of the data available

UI Confidentiality Training

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Agreements between NYSDOL and other NYS state agencies will be developed as an inter-agency MOU)

Sample Contract (Agreements between NYSDOL and non-State governmental agencies will be developed as a State contract)

Standard application

Presentation on UI Data Sharing

Please complete the application and send to:
New York State Department of Labor
Counsel’s Office
Building 12, Room 509
Governor W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus
Albany, New York 12240

You may also e-mail: [email protected] or fax to: (518) 485-1819.


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