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The Mexican General Consulate of New York posted an advisory for workers who might be affected by the Earthquakes that took place in Mexico.  If you have employees that would like to know if their towns were affected. These are the places they should contact:


El Consulado General de México publicaron un aviso para los trabajadores que podría ser afectados por los terremotos que ocurrieron en México. Si quisieras saber si su pueblo fue afectado. Estos son los sitos que deben contactar:


United States

Centro de Información y Asistencia a Mexicanos (CIAM) (teléfono gratuito, disponible las 24 horas, los siete días de la semana)

1 855 463-6395

Emergencias - Departamento de Protección del Consulado General de México en Nueva York (disponible 24hrs)

917 459-2143



Número único de Emergencias en todo el territorio nacional (Policía Judicial, Cruz Roja, Bomberos, Sistema Nacional de Atención de Emergencias de la Ciudadanía)



Cuidad de México

Gobierno de la Cuidad de México

La página tiene un listado de albergues, centros de acopio, acceso a Locatel y Protección Civil, e información sobre cómo ayudar.

Protección Civil

5683 2222

Locatel (información disponible sobre personas trasladadas a hospitales)





Gobierno del estado de Puebla (Contiene información sobre zonas dañadas y contacto con centros de mando)

Coordinación de Asusntos Internacionales del Gobierno del estado de Puela

011 52 303 4600 | 01 800 838 44 45

Estado de México

Gobierno del estado de México (La página contiene información de centros de acopio y albergues en los estados de México, Morelos y Puebla)




The federal H-2A temporary agricultural worker program establishes a means for agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring non-immigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature. Employment is of a seasonal nature where it is tied to a certain time of year by an event or pattern, such as a short annual growing cycle or a specific aspect of a longer cycle, and requires labor levels in excess of those necessary for ongoing, year-round operations. Employment is of a temporary nature where the employer's need to fill the position with a temporary worker will, except in extraordinary circumstances, last no longer than 10 months.

In order to participate in the H-2A program, the employer must prepare the federal ETA Form 790 Agricultural and Food Processing Clearance Order. The New York State Department of Labor's Foreign Labor Certification Unit (FLCU) pre-approves the job order. The employer must submit the completed ETA 790 to the FLCU no more than 75 days and no fewer than 60 days prior to the employer's date of need. The job order should include the NYS attachment Attachment to ETA790 and must be emailed to, faxed to 716-541-9615, or mailed to the following address:

New York State Department of Labor
Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs
290 Main Street, Room 213
Buffalo NY 14202

After the job order is received and entered into the New York State Job Bank by FLCU staff, the employer will receive confirmation that the job order is approved. He or she may then submit the pre-approved ETA Form 790 and ETA Form 9142A to the USDOL's Chicago National Processing Center (CNPC). The job order must be identified as one that will be used in connection with a future Application for Temporary Employment Certification (ETA Form 9142A). The job order must meet the terms and conditions of 20 CFR 653.501 and 20 CFR 655.135.

For more information about the H-2A program, read our introductory document.


Agents Acting on Behalf of New York’s H-2A Employers

The agents/attorneys listed are those that New York’s H-2A employers currently hire to complete H-2A related paperwork, recruit workers from foreign countries, and provide general assistance in the H-2A process. New York’s FLCU is not allowed to endorse any one representative over any others. This list of agents may be provided to employers who would like to utilize the services of these individuals.


H-2A Recruitment Tool

Participation in the H-2A Guest Worker Visa program carries with it a number of requirements for employers including documentation of his or her efforts in recruiting domestic workers for the H-2A job order.  Several H-2A employers have contacted the New York State Department of Labor's Agriculture Labor Program asking if there is a template for the recruitment report. Since the U.S. Department of Labor does not currently provide such a template, the New York State Department of Labor has created a tool, Form AL 156,  to assist employers in complying with this federal requirement.  The tool was created as a service to agricultural employers, but employers are not required to use it. For a more detailed explanation about the tool, please view this description of the H-2A Referral Tool.


Questions? Contact:

Foreign Labor and Agriculture Specialist: Ruth Gonzalez-Cruz
Office phone: 716-851-2621
Mobile phone: 518-728-2780
Fax: 716-541-9615
Mailing address: 290 Main Street, Room 213 Buffalo NY 14202

Outreach and Program Liaison: Silvia Ray
Office phone: 212-775-3358
Mobile phone: 917-708-1807
Fax: 716-541-9615
Mailing address: 290 Main Street, Room 213 Buffalo NY 14202

Division Director: Jeanette Lazelle
Office phone: 518-457-7304
Mobile phone: 518-461-2599


USDOL Contact Information

Find details at or contact the USDOL's CNPC at (312) 886-8000.


New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act resources for H-2A employers

In order to assist employers in achieving compliance with New York’s Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA), a number of forms and other resources are provided for your use.

Pay Notice and Work Agreement for H-2A employers

Federal form ETA 790 when properly completed, partially satisfies the requirements of New York's Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA). The U.S. Department of Labor has developed an instruction document to assist with completing the ETA 790. While the ETA 790 is required for Foreign Labor Certification, it can also be used for participation in the Agricultural Recruitment System and is a useful tool for all agricultural employers in complying with the WTPA.

The New York State Department of Labor created Supplement to ETA 790, which, when properly completed and signed by both the employer and the worker, assists the agricultural employer in achieving compliance with the WTPA. You can read a more thorough description of this tool.

The Supplement to ETA 790 is also available in Spanish.


Wage statements for H-2A employers

New York State Department of Labor Form FL 446 is a blank wage statement containing the fields that employers of H-2A workers must provide to document each pay period to comply with the WTPA.


Other services for agricultural employers

Visit the Agriculture Labor Program's Services for Agricultural Employers page

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