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Wage Deductions

In an effort to help you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as an agriculture employer, the Departments of Labor and Agriculture and Markets hosted a webinar in November of 2015 to provide specific guidance on wage deductions. You can view a video recording of that presentation with audio or download the presentation slides by clicking on the links below.

View the presentation on YouTube

Download presentation slides

Questions and Answers from presentation


Useful forms

The Department of Labor has created a form to assist employers when wage making advances.

Written Authorization for Wage Advances (LS 70).

The form is available in the following languages.

中文 (Chinese) 预付工资书面授权 (Written Authorization for Wage Advances - Chinese) (LS 70C).

Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian-Creole) OTORIZASYON ALEKRI POU AVANS SOU SALÈ (Written Authorization for Wage Advances - Haitian-Creole) (LS 70HC).

Italiano (Italian) AUTORIZZAZIONE SCRITTA PER ANTICIPI SALARIALI (Written Authorization for Wage Advances - Italian) (LS 70I).

한국어 (Korean) 급여 선지급 서면 승인 (Written Authorization for Wage Advances – Korean) (LS 70K).

Русский (Russian) ПИСЬМЕННОЕ РАЗРЕШЕНИЕ НА ПОЛУЧЕНИЕ ЗАРАБОТНОЙ ПЛАТЫ АВАНСОМ (Written Authorization for Wage Advances–Russian) (LS 70R).

Español (Spanish) Autorización Escrita Para Adelanto De Salario (Written Authorization for Wage Advances - Spanish) (LS 70S).


For more information about the Agriculture Labor Program, please visit the Agriculture Labor Program page.

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