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New York State Department of Labor

Department of Labor Announces Anti-Poverty Jobs Initiatives in Rochester

New partnerships aim to reduce poverty one job at a time

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Albany, NY (July 09, 2015) -

Acting State Labor Commissioner Mario J. Musolino today, in conjunction with Governor Cuomo's Capital for a Day in Rochester, announced two new jobs initiatives - one with faith leaders and another with labor unions - to fight poverty.

"We can't address poverty without partners in businesses, labor and non-profits," said Acting Commissioner Musolino. "By coming together, state agencies and businesses, together with organized labor, non-profits and faith leaders can create a broad spectrum of services to root out and prevent poverty."

A new partnership program is now underway between the Department of Labor and Finger Lakes Region faith leaders working with the Office of Faith-Based Community Development Services. It builds upon Governor Cuomo's Urban Youth Jobs Program, which connects at-risk youth to businesses that, in return, get a tax credit.

Under the new initiative, in addition to a pre-employment assessment and training for youth to ensure they are matched to available positions, youth will be connected to mentorship services that help them stay employed. Mentors will provide or supplement existing support networks to help youth avoid pitfalls that come with first jobs. The program will be run in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester.

To jump-start the program, the Department of Labor will hold a Career Fair on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at the Thomas P. Ryan Recreational Center.

One Job
Businesses are crucial partners to ending the cycle of poverty. To complement existing anti-poverty initiatives, the Department of Labor on Thursday formally backed the Rochester Business Alliance's One Job recruiting effort, which asks area businesses to hire one person in poverty.

And, in a first-of-its-kind Labor Department-business association partnership, the agency will pledge staff members to directly help oversee the initiative on the ground at the Business Alliance.

New Apprenticeship Opportunities
The Department of Labor also announced it had approved direct-entry status for the Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council's Multi-craft Apprenticeship Preparation program.

Direct-entry changes the entry process for apprentices by allowing candidates who meet qualifications direct entry into building trade apprentice programs. By expanding opportunities for women and minorities, this goes hand-in-hand with additional anti-poverty initiatives already underway.

To learn more about these initiatives or other Department of Labor services, please visit www.labor.ny.gov or call: (888) 4-NYSDOL.


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