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Press Releases

2016 Press Releases
Date Press Release
12/20/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary November 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
12/15/2016NYS Economy Adds 4,800 Private Sector Jobs in November 2016
11/22/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary October 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
11/17/2016NYS Economy Added 89,900 Private Sector Jobs over the Past Year
10/25/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary September 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
10/20/2016NYS Economy Added 115,100 Private Sector Jobs over the Past Year
09/20/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary August 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
09/16/2016NYS Department of Labor Announces Up To $125,000 in Additional Training Funding for Workers Impacted By Climax Manufacturing Closing
09/15/2016NYS Economy Added 120,400 Private Sector Jobs over the Past Year
09/08/2016Passenger Tramway Advisory Council to Meet September 19, 2016
08/30/2016NYS Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board to Meet September 14, 2016
08/23/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary July 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
08/22/2016NYS Departments of Labor and Agriculture and Markets Announce that Ride Inspections Are Underway at the Great New York State Fair
08/18/2016NYS Economy Adds 36,200 Private Sector Jobs in July 2016, Reaches New Record High
07/26/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary June 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
07/21/2016NYS Economy Adds 23,900 Private Sector Jobs in June 2016, Reaches New Record High
07/11/2016New York State Department of Labor Announces Opening of New Location of Career Center
in City of Ogdensburg
06/21/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary May 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
06/16/2016Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.7% in May, Lowest Level Since August 2007
06/15/2016Department of Labor Announces Senate Confirmation of Commissioner Reardon
06/10/2016New York State Department of Labor Announces Arrest of Federal Correctional Officer on UI Fraud Charges
06/01/2016NYS Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board to Meet June 15, 2016
05/24/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary April 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
05/19/2016NYS Economy Adds 13,300 Private Sector Jobs in April 2016, Reaches New Record High
05/13/2016Department of Labor Announces Arrest of Construction Company Owners
Accused of Cheating Workers and the State
05/12/2016Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of Western New York Employment Strikeforce to Connect
Jobseekers with Available Positions in the Buffalo Area
05/05/2016Crane Operator Board of Examiners Meeting Scheduled for May 23, 2016
04/19/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary March 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
04/14/2016NYS Economy Adds 12,800 Private Sector Jobs in March 2016, Reaches New Record High
04/13/2016NYS Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board to Meet Wednesday, April 20, 2016
03/29/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary February 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
03/24/2016NYS Economy Adds 18,700 Private Sector Jobs in February 2016, Reaches New Record High
03/08/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary January 2016 Area Unemployment Rates
03/03/2016NYS Economy Adds 14,600 Private Sector Jobs in January 2016, Reaching New Record High
02/03/2016Executive Deputy Commissioner Musolino Delivers Budget Testimony
01/26/2016State Labor Department Releases Preliminary December 2015 Area Unemployment Rates
01/21/2016NYS Economy Adds 13,200 Private Sector Jobs in December 2015, Reaching New Record High
01/11/2016MEDIA ADVISORY: Department of Labor Partners with Rapid Response Monitoring
to Fill 70+ Positions in Syracuse
01/07/2016Public Notice – Comment Period on New York State Combined Plan for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Open Until February 8

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