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Amusement Device Detials

The New York State Department of Labor inspects all amusement devices on or before the scheduled start date of an event. Only those devices deemed safe are allowed to operate. Detailed inspection results for each individual device will be posted within two weeks of the event start date.

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Details for device: barracuda's dual slide

Violation Summary

Violations Issued This Season: 12 Violations Complied at Time of Inspection: 0
barracuda's dual slide Violations
Date Cited Description Violation
6/26/2017 Do not operate without a valid permit.45-1.12(a)
45-1.12(a)Permit required. No amusement device, viewing stand or tent may be operated in the state without a permit issued by the commissioner except as provided by section 45-1.2(c) of this Subpart.
6/26/2017 Finish setup of the ride for final inspection.45-1.6(b)
45-1.6(b)Assembly work shall be performed in a proper and workmanlike manner. Parts shall be properly aligned, and shall not be bent, distorted, cut or otherwise injured to force a fit. Parts requiring lubrication shall be lubricated in course of assembly. Fastening and locking devices, such as bolts, cap screws, cotter pins, lock washers, etc. shall be installed where required. Nuts shall be drawn tight, cotter pins shall be spread and lock nuts firmly set.
6/26/2017 Repair the front fence between the two slides.45-1.6(c)
45-1.6(c)Parts which are excessively worn or which have been materially damaged shall not be used. Close visual inspection of parts shall be made during assembly to discover such wear or damage and immediate inspection of fastening devices shall be made after assembly to assure that they have been properly installed.
6/26/2017 Provide an adequate hand railing on stairs.45-2.13(c)
45-2.13(c)Stairways and ramps shall be at least 18 inches wide. Stair treads shall be at least nine inches deep exclusive of nosing and the height of rise shall not exceed eight inches. Between any two levels the treads shall be of uniform depth and the risers of uniform height. The slope of ramps shall not exceed one in four. The open sides of stairways, ramps and platforms shall be provided with adequate protection against falling, except as the safe and normal access to the device may otherwise require.
6/26/2017 Post usage and warning signs.45-2.17(a)
45-2.17(a)Usage and warning signs. Legible signs shall be conspicuously posted containing safety guidelines to be followed and behavior or activities which are prohibited. Such signs shall contain warnings that there are inherent risks in the participation in or on the amusement device, since it is recognized that participation in or on the device may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the device owner or operator; and that there is a duty for the patrons to become apprised of the warnings and the risks inherent in participation in or on the amusement device if the warnings are not obeyed. Prior to participation in or on such amusement device, patrons shall familiarize themselves with the posted safety warnings so that they may make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the device notwithstanding the risks.
6/26/2017 Post legible signs indicating safety guidelines at the entrance.45-2.17(b)
45-2.17(b)Legible signs indicating safety guidelines and any restrictions shall be conspicuously posted at the entrance to all amusement devices covered by subdivision 45-1.11(b). Where the owner deems it necessary, these signs shall contain the minimum height needed to ride the device. At the discretion of the owner, similar signs containing safety guidelines, restrictions and/or height requirements may be posted at the entrances to any devices not covered by above.
6/26/2017 Provide daily inspection and testing documentation45-2.7
45-2.7An amusement device shall be inspected and tested on each day when it is intended to be used. The inspection and test shall be made by a person experienced and instructed in the proper operation of the device and shall be performed before the device is put into normal operation. The inspection and test shall include the operation of control devices, speed-limiting devices, brakes and other equipment provided for safety. A record of each inspection and test shall be made at once upon completion of the test on a form provided by the commissioner or on a form approved by the commissioner with the information required by the section and shall be kept with the device and available to the commissioner for at least 30 days.
6/26/2017 Provide training records for all personnel operating the device.45-2.8
45-2.8Amusement devices shall be operated only by competent operators at least 16 years of age for devices designed primarily for the use of small children and/or an accompanying adult and 18 years of age for all other devices. Every operator shall have knowledge of the use and function of all normal and emergency operating controls and of the proper use of the device. An operator shall be in the immediate vicinity of the operating controls during operation and no other person shall be suffered or permitted to handle such controls during normal operation. No operator shall be responsible for the operation of more than one amusement device at a time. This provision does not apply to amusement devices designed to be operated or controlled safely by a passenger.
6/26/2017 Provide proof of water quality.45-3.6(c)(4)
45-3.6(c)(4)Water. Water shall meet the requirements of Part 6, Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches, Section 6-1.19, of the New York State Sanitary Code for condition of water in slides and pools as published by the New York State Department of Health in Title 10, NYCRR Part 6, effective March 30, 1988.
6/26/2017 Provide proof of CPR training for attendants at the end of the slide.45-3.6(e)(3)(ii)
45-3.6(e)(3)(ii)End of slide. At the end of the slide structure, there shall be at least one attendant who shall possess a CPR for the Professional Rescuer certificate from the American Red Cross in the event Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation becomes necessary. An additional attendant shall be assigned if more than four slides enter a pool. These attendants shall also assist riders in leaving the pool area as the need arises. The Commissioner reserves the right to require additional attendants, regardless of the number of slides entering the pool, should a review of the accident reports required by Section 870-g(2) of the New York State Labor Law indicate such action is warranted, or where inspection or complaints indicate that additional attendants are necessary.
6/26/2017 Post instructions and rules of conduct.45-3.6(f)(1)
45-3.6(f)(1)Instructions and rules of conduct. A large, well maintained sign, containing rider instructions and rules of conduct pertaining to the use of the slide, shall be displayed near the top of the slide structure.
6/26/2017 Post warning signs prohibiting running up steps in appropriate location.45-3.6(f)(2)
45-3.6(f)(2)Warning signs. Signs pertaining to slippery walking conditions and instructions prohibiting running up the walks and steps leading to the top of the slide structure shall be displayed in appropriate locations.

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