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Amusement Device Detials

The New York State Department of Labor inspects all amusement devices on or before the scheduled start date of an event. Only those devices deemed safe are allowed to operate. Detailed inspection results for each individual device will be posted within two weeks of the event start date.

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Details for device: Haunted House

Violation Summary

Violations Issued This Season: 6 Violations Complied at Time of Inspection: 0
Haunted House Violations
Date Cited Description Violation
9/27/2017 Aiir Compressor needs annual inspection.45-2.22(a)
45-2.22(a)Air compressors, air compressor tanks and equipment used in connection therewith shall be constructed, equipped and maintained to insure safe operation at all times. They shall be inspected and tested at least once a year by a qualified person and a record of each inspection shall be kept and made available to the Commissioner. Air compressor tanks and other air receivers used in connection with air compressors shall have the maximum allowable working pressure conspicuously marked thereon.
9/27/2017 Re-spray all fabrics loacted in the village area which did not pass the flame retardent test.45-2.23(a)
45-2.23(a)Fabrics constituting part of an amusement device or a temporary structure shall be fire-resistant to meet the following standard: two dry strips or test sections either of the fabric used or of other fabric identical therewith shall be tested. Each strip shall be not less than 1 inches wide and 4 inches long. The two test strips or sections shall be held with the long axis vertical and an open flame shall be applied to the center of the bottom edge for 12 seconds. The test strip or section shall not flame for more than two seconds after the flame is removed; the average length of char shall not exceed the length of the strip nor more than four inches for sections. Such a test is not required by this subdivision if other evidence of the required degree of fire resistance is accepted by the Commissioner as sufficient.
9/27/2017 Provide Identification Plate.45-2.5(a)
45-2.5(a)Every amusement device shall be identified by a trade or descriptive name and an identification number. A metal plate upon which there is legibly impressed the name and number of the device, its model number if any and the name and address of its manufacturer shall be firmly attached to the device in a readily visible location. The maximum safe number of passengers and the maximum safe speed, where applicable, shall be legibly impressed on the same plate or another metal place.
9/27/2017 Provide a daily inspection log in order to document daily inspections.45-2.7
45-2.7An amusement device shall be inspected and tested on each day when it is intended to be used. The inspection and test shall be made by a person experienced and instructed in the proper operation of the device and shall be performed before the device is put into normal operation. The inspection and test shall include the operation of control devices, speed-limiting devices, brakes and other equipment provided for safety. A record of each inspection and test shall be made at once upon completion of the test on a form provided by the commissioner or on a form approved by the commissioner with the information required by the section and shall be kept with the device and available to the commissioner for at least 30 days.
9/27/2017 Provide low level exit signs.45-4.3(b)(1)
45-4.3(b)(1)Exit signs. Location. Low level exit signs visible from the approach to the exits, shall be provided at each exit doorway from the building or structure. The bottom of the low level exit signs shall not be less than six inches nor more than eight inches above the floor.
9/27/2017 Provide low level exit path markings throughout.45-4.3(c)(4)
45-4.3(c)(4)Exit directional signs and exit path marking. Low level exit path marking placement. The low level exit path marking shall be located at floor level or no more than eight inches above the floor level on or near the exit path.

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