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Amusement Device Detials

The New York State Department of Labor inspects all amusement devices on or before the scheduled start date of an event. Only those devices deemed safe are allowed to operate. Detailed inspection results for each individual device will be posted within two weeks of the event start date.

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Details for device: Kiddie Crazy Submarine Fisso

Violation Summary

Violations Issued This Season: 2 Violations Complied at Time of Inspection: 0
Kiddie Crazy Submarine Fisso Violations
Date Cited Description Violation
4/18/2018 Tighten numerous lap bar restraints that are loose.45-2.20
45-2.20The interior and exterior parts of all passenger-carrying amusement devices with which a passenger may come in contact shall be smooth and rounded, free from sharp, rough or splintered edges and corners, with no protruding studs, bolts, screws or other projections which might cause injury. Interior parts upon or against which a passenger may be forcibly thrown by the action of the amusement device shall be adequately padded. Devices which are self-powered and which are operated by a passenger shall have the driving mechanism so guarded and the guards so locked in place as to prevent passengers from gaining access to the mechanism. Such belts, bars, foot rests and other equipment as may be necessary for safe entrance and exit and for support while the device is in operation shall be provided. Such equipment and fastenings thereof shall be of sufficient strength to retain the passengers. The fastenings shall be of a type which cannot be inadvertently released
4/18/2018 There's apparently a loose limit switch dangling off the top of the ride's rear wall. I.e.: restore or remove if defective.45-2.21(e)
45-2.21(e)Electrical apparatus and wiring located outdoors shall be of such quality and so constructed or protected that exposure to weather will not interfere with its normal operation.

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