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Amusement Device Detials

The New York State Department of Labor inspects all amusement devices on or before the scheduled start date of an event. Only those devices deemed safe are allowed to operate. Detailed inspection results for each individual device will be posted within two weeks of the event start date.

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Details for device: Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Violation Summary

Violations Issued This Season: 2 Violations Complied at Time of Inspection: 0
Kiddie Ferris Wheel Violations
Date Cited Description Violation
7/28/2017 number all seats45-2.5(b)
45-2.5(b)Each passenger carrying car, seat etc. in an amusement device or temporary structure shall be identified with an identification number in a readily visible location.
7/28/2017 label all controls45-2.8
45-2.8Amusement devices shall be operated only by competent operators at least 16 years of age for devices designed primarily for the use of small children and/or an accompanying adult and 18 years of age for all other devices. Every operator shall have knowledge of the use and function of all normal and emergency operating controls and of the proper use of the device. An operator shall be in the immediate vicinity of the operating controls during operation and no other person shall be suffered or permitted to handle such controls during normal operation. No operator shall be responsible for the operation of more than one amusement device at a time. This provision does not apply to amusement devices designed to be operated or controlled safely by a passenger.

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