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Amusement Device Detials

The New York State Department of Labor inspects all amusement devices on or before the scheduled start date of an event. Only those devices deemed safe are allowed to operate. Detailed inspection results for each individual device will be posted within two weeks of the event start date.

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Details for device: Rock Wall

Violation Summary

Violations Issued This Season: 2 Violations Complied at Time of Inspection: 1
Rock Wall Violations
Date Cited Description Violation
6/12/2017 Cable for drop station # 4 needs to be properly aligned in its pulley before use.45-1.6(c)
45-1.6(c)Parts which are excessively worn or which have been materially damaged shall not be used. Close visual inspection of parts shall be made during assembly to discover such wear or damage and immediate inspection of fastening devices shall be made after assembly to assure that they have been properly installed.
6/12/2017 Provide blocking for all mudsills.45-2.10(c)
45-2.10(c)Before being used by the public, amusement devices and temporary structures shall be so placed or secured with blocking, cribbing, outriggers, guys or other means as to be stable under all operating conditions.

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