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New York Youth Jobs Program - Business Certification

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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New York Youth Jobs Program Overview

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If you are a third party submitting this application on behalf of the business, please provide the following contact information for a representative at the business.

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For efficiency purposes we will be communicating via email unless businesses request differently.

Terms of Service Agreement

  1. I will list all New York Youth Jobs Program job openings for my company on the New York State Job Bank, to the maximum extent feasible. Job listing options include:
    • Self-posting – No cost service allows businesses to manage their job orders throughout the recruitment process.
    • Indexing – No cost service to allow jobs posted on your company website to upload daily to the New York State Job Bank.
  2. I will confirm the hires of certified youth with the NYS Department of Labor.
    New York Youth Jobs Program Confirm Hire Form
  3. I agree to allow The NYS Department of Tax and Finance to share my wage records with the NYS Department of Labor.
  4. The pay offered for this position is comparable to wages offered for similar jobs, with appropriate adjustments for experience and training.
  5. My business has not intentionally reduced its existing workforce (i.e., terminated an existing employee or given an existing employee a partial work reduction) in order to hire a worker certified for the New York Youth Jobs Program.
  6. I understand the reason a youth qualifies for this program is private personal information, and agree to not ask the youth to explain or describe the reason(s) they qualify for the program.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, this information is true, correct and complete. I am aware that there are significant civil and criminal penalties for filing false documents or other information with the government.

New York Youth Jobs Program Overview

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