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Finger Lakes Region July 2016

Business Expansions

CompanyCounty# JobsArticle DateComments
Maximus Inc. Monroe 2,000 07-06-2015 The Virginia-based company that provides health care administration is opening a new call center in Gates and is looking to hire 2,000 people. The center needs customer service representatives, analysts, accountants and managers.
O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative Genesee 24 07-18-2015 The dairy cooperative, based in Batavia, has completed its expanded warehouse and material handling functions. The new warehousing facility and equipment room will allow the cooperative to continue to grow its production and create 24 new full-time positions within three years, raising total employment to more than 350 positions.
Once Again Nut Butter Livingston 53 07-15-2015 The organic peanut butter company opened a new production facility near its headquarters and inside an existing plant in Livingston County. The company plans to bring employment up from 37 to 90 workers once the new plant is fully operational.

Business Contractions

There were no business contractions for the month of July 2016.

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