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  • Finger Lakes Region, 2009

    Business Expansions

    Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
    Adecco USA Monroe 140 05-20-2009 The staffing company will add 140 employees and expand its space at Rochester Technology Park to focus on employee recruitment in all major industries.
    Bausch & Lomb Inc. Monroe 30 09-11-2009 The manufacturing company plans to add 30 employees in Rochester and eliminate 500 jobs in Scotland to consolidate its contact lens manufacturing operations.
    CGI Communications Inc. Monroe 150 09-16-2009 The marketing company plans to add 150 full-time jobs over the next three years. CGI works with municipalities, business groups and associations worldwide.
    ConServe Monroe 150 05-07-2009 The Perinton-based company, which specializes in collecting student loans, expects to add 150 jobs over the next two years because of a contract it has won with the U.S. Department of Education.
    HCR Monroe 120 09-25-2009 Since January 1, 2009, the home care company has added 120 workers, bringing its current employment to 835. The Brighton-based company expanded to Genesee County this year after submitting a winning bid to take over that county's home care agency.
    Home Care of Rochester Monroe 120 03-03-2009 The home health care provider wants to fill at least 120 positions in the next year.
    JPMorgan Chase & Co. Inc. Monroe 250 05-29-2009 The financial institution plans to add 250 loan specialists, underwriters and processors in Rochester to help in the loan processing program for homeowners.
    Kraft Foods Inc. Livingston 50 06-03-2009 The company is expanding production of its packaged meat, cheese and cracker combinations line.
    Parker-Hannifin Wayne 43 09-01-2009 After announcing its two Lyons, Wayne County, mobile refrigeration plants would close by the end of the year, the company's Clyde, Wayne County, location has received a $500,000 grant that will be used to help add 43 jobs over the next two years at its Columbia Street facility. Twenty-two of those jobs will be reserved for low- and moderate-income residents. The facility manufactures aerospace gas turbines.
    Pictometry International Corp. Monroe 50 06-26-2009 The Rochester-based aerial imaging company is adding 50 positions in engineering, sales and sales management.
    SenDEC Corp. Monroe 33 12-16-2009 The manufacturer of digital monitors and control devices is expanding its Perinton Parkway location and adding 33 full-time employees to its current staff of 143.
    Verizon Wireless Monroe 125 02-17-2009 The wireless company plans to hire 125 workers for its call center this year.
    Zotos International Inc. Ontario 50 01-09-2009 The manufacturer of hair care products in planning more than $6 million in improvements and additions to its Geneva plant. The project will increase capacity and includes the addition of a new hair-styling product line, refurbishment and expansion of existing product lines, support of environmental initiatives and a new compressor room.

    Business Contractions

    Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
    Alleson of Rochester Ontario 40 11-23-2009 The sporting goods apparel manufacturer plans to lay off 37-40 employees for an unspecified time.
    Branson Ultrasonics Corporation Monroe 46 02-20-2009 The ultrasonic welding company plans layoffs between 6/1/09 and 6/14/09.
    Caldwell Manufacturing Monroe 30 01-06-2009 The maker of hardware for windows will lay off 30 people due to recent downturns in the economy, particularly the housing market. The company will keep its corporate headquarters in Rochester.
    Circuit City Monroe 170 01-16-2009 The electronic chain is closing three stores in our area (Greece, Henrietta and Victor). The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November.
    Coca-Cola Enterprises Monroe 57 08-12-2009 The company announced it will cease its Rochester manufacturing operations in November, eliminating 57 jobs. An additional 120 sales and operations workers at the facility will not be affected by the shutdown.
    Corning Tropel Corp. Monroe 40 02-06-2009 The company, which supplies optics and optical systems to capital-equipment manufacturers in the semi-conductor and liquid crystal display markets, plans to cut about 40 workers.
    Democrat and Chronicle Monroe 64 07-10-2009 The company eliminated 64 positions in a cost-cutting move related to the ongoing economic situation. Fifteen jobs were left unfilled and 49 employees were laid off in a variety of departments.
    Eastman Kodak Co. Monroe 54 09-11-2009 The company plans to lay off 54 workers from November 16th to November 23rd. The cuts are part of specific actions the company is taking to strenghthen operations and become more competitive due to the global economic downturn.
    Eastman Kodak Co. Monroe 52 03-19-2009 The company intends to permanently lay off 52 employees between June 13 and June 17, 2009.
    Eastman Kodak Co. Monroe 60 12-04-2009 The company has decided to sell its Organic Light Emitting Diode assets, affecting about 60 research and development jobs.
    Eastman Kodak Co. Monroe 1300 01-29-2009 The company plans to cut 3,500 to 4,500 positions worldwide, including 1,300 jobs locally.
    Eastman Kodak Co. Monroe 307 02-10-2009 The company plans to lay off 273 employees in April and another 34 employees in May from various Rochester locations.
    Faradyne Motors Wayne 23 09-25-2009 The company plans to cease manufacturing operations by March 2010 due to the direct result of the downturn in new home builds. The company manufactures 4-inch submersible electric motors for new-built homes.
    Firsts American Title Insurance Company of NY Monroe 26 03-19-2009 The title insurance company is closing on June 19, 2009, due to economic reasons.
    Foamex LP Wyoming 25 03-26-2009 The manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam products will close its plant on June 22, 2009.
    Garlock Inc. Wayne 350 04-23-2009 The Wayne County manufacturer, which employs 525, is taking part in the state's Shared Work Program, affecting 350 workers. The schedule will idle workers every Friday from April 27 through the end of August.
    Harris Interactive Monroe 38 03-17-2009 The market research firm laid off roughtly 38 people in Rochestser as part of a company restructuring.
    Harris RF Communications Monroe 77 06-26-2009 The Rochester-based military radio manufacturer has let go of 77 workers as part of previously announced cost-cutting steps.
    Hickey Freeman Co. Monroe 100 08-14-2009 The high-end mens' apparel manufacturer has laid off more than 100 workers while the Rochester plant has been idled for the summer.
    Lapp Insulators Genesee 90 07-10-2009 The supplier of high-voltage insulators for the global electric utility industry has laid off 90 employees over the past 18 months due to decreased order volume because of limited spending by the U.S. utilities.
    Matthews International Corp. Seneca 33 07-14-2009 The Seneca Falls plant is closing 10/26/09.
    NYS Department of Corrections Livingston 48 05-04-2009 The closure of the Groveland, Livingston County, location will eliminate 48 positions.
    NYS Department of Corrections Wayne 78 05-04-2009 The closure of the Butler Annex, Wayne County, will eliminate 78 positions.
    Parker-Hannifin Corp. Wayne 200 07-17-2009 Citing increased international competition and improving technology that has made some product lines obsolete, the technology manufacturing company is shutting down two manufacturing facilities, affecting more than 200 employees. The plants manufacture air conditioning and drying equipment for the automotive, heavy truck, construction and agricultural markets.
    Penn Traffic Yates 80 12-07-2009
    Penn Traffic Seneca 80 12-07-2009
    Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc. Genesee 100 09-04-2009 Due to a decision by federal lawmakers to move its Internal Revenue Service debt collection program in-house, the company's Batavia location is closing its Genesee County operations, affecting 100 workers.
    Rochester General Hospital Monroe 240 01-23-2009 Officials announded plans to eliminate 240 positions, including 30 in management roles, in response to the deteriorating global economic climate. Since October, 140 of the positions already have been reduced through turnover, attrition and the elimination of temporary and agency workers.
    Rochester School District Monroe 200 06-24-2009 More than 200 teachers have been told that they will not be needed for the upcoming school year.
    Terry Precision Bicycle Wayne 18 11-24-2009 The ladies bicycle manufacturer is closing 12/23/09.
    Ultralife Corp. Wayne 12 07-31-2009 Faced with sizable operating losses, the power source and communications equipment manufacturer laid off more than a dozen employees and started a four-day work week.
    University of Rochester Monroe 40 03-20-2009 The area's largest employer has laid off 40 workers at its Medical Center, left 93 positions vacant, frozen salaries, cut spending and put capital projects on hold because of the deepening recession.
    Xerox Corp. Monroe 300 05-06-2009 Three hundred manufacturing workers will take two- to six-week furloughs between May 18 and July 10 as the company attempts to save money and reduce inventory.
    Xerox Corp. Monroe 275 01-16-2009 The company has begun layoffs of 275 employees losing their jobs over the next several weeks. The layoffs are part of a company-wide program to eliminate 3,000 jobs. Unionized employees will not be affected. Most sales positions will be retained. Otherwise, cuts will be across the board.

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