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Finger Lakes Region, Expansions and Contractions

These reports provide information on firm-specific hiring and layoff announcements. Information is derived from press releases, newspapers, business journals, newsletters, and other public sources. The reports do not include all expansions and contractions, only those for which public information has been obtained. An attempt is made to present only current information events that have recently occurred or will in the near future.


Annual Reports

This report contains information derived from articles in the following Finger Lakes Region newspapers:

  • Democrat & Chronicle
  • Rochester Business Journal
  • Batavia Daily News
  • Daily Messenger
  • Finger Lakes Times

This report prepared by:

New York State Department of Labor
Division of Research & Statistics
(585) 258-8870


The information in this file was extracted from statewide newspaper clippings by Labor Department staff. The New York State Department of Labor is not responsible for the accuracy of these statistics unless they are direct quotes from the Department of Labor.

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