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Labor Statistics

Long Island Region, August 2006

Firm Expansions and Contractions

Business Expansions

Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
Aeroflex Inc. Nassau 08-09-2006 Plainview (Nassau) - based electronic component manufacturer Aeroflex Inc. received a $5 million order for components to be used in jet engine, flight and cabin environmental controls. (Long Island Business News - August 9, 2006)
Comtech Telecommunications Suffolk 08-09-2006 Melville (Suffolk) - based broadcast and wireless communications equipment manufacturer Comtech Telecommunications Corp. has won $2.6 million in orders to supply the U.S. Army with movement tracking equipment. (Long Island Business News - August 9, 2006)
EDO Corporation Suffolk 08-21-2006 North Amityville (Suffolk) - based defense manufacturer EDO Corp. has received a five year contract worth $20 to $30 million over a period of five years from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense to produce air force and navy aircraft equipment. (Long Island Business News - August 21, 2006)
Netsmart Technologies Suffolk 08-02-2006 Great River (Suffolk) software maker Netsmart Technologies has acquired South Carolina-based QS Systems, which sells record-keeping software to public health organizations, for $1.9 million. The acquisition will enable Netsmart to win more contracts from the statewide public health system and otherwise expand its client base. The company currently employs 125 people on Long Island. (Long Island Business News - August 2, 2006)
North American Biofuels Suffolk 08-29-2006 A start-up company called North American Biofuels has opened the first biofuel conversion facility in the Northeast in Bohemia (Suffolk). Starting mainly from the "trap grease" routinely discarded by restaurants, the Bohemia facility expects ot produce more than 1,000 gallons of biofuel every week which can be used as a substitute for diesel fuel for cars or for home heating oil. The company hopes the plant, a pilot project, will eventually lead to a research and development lab and a larger commercial production division on the site. (Long Island Business News - August 29, 2006)
Plum Island Animal Disease Center Suffolk 08-10-2006 Plum Island Animal Disease Center off Orient Point (Suffolk) will receive $35 million in Federal money to beef up its security and infrastructure, even though it is no longer in the running to be considered as a bioterror research lab. (Newsday - August 10, 2006)
Sir Speedy Nassau 08-22-2006 Sir Speedy of Westbury (Nassau), a commercial printing and copying company, acquired TG Advertising and Printing in Williston Park (Nassau). Monetary terms were not disclosed. (Long Island Business News - August 22, 2006)
Symbol Technologies Inc. Suffolk 08-30-2006 Holtsville (Suffolk) - based Symbol Technologies Inc., a provider of wireless computer technology, said it has developed a mobile computer to detect and disarm remote-controlled roadside bombs for the Army. The device is part of  an order for products and services worth $10 million. (Newsday - August 30, 2006)
US Web Inc. Suffolk 08-23-2006 US Web Inc., a Huntington (Suffolk) based printing and mailing company was awarded $400,000 in grant money from the Empire State Development Corp.'s Manufacturing Assistance Program to persuade the company not to leave the state.  The company is also seeking to be designated a "regionally significant project", which would entitle it to reductions in its real estate, sales and wage taxes as well as in its electric bills. In exchange US Web agreed to create "up to 100 jobs" over the next five years.   (Newsday - August 23, 2006)
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Business Contractions

Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
CA Inc Suffolk 350(Est.) 08-22-2006 CA Inc. (formerly Computer Associates) may soon lay off as many 350 workers at its headquarters in Islandia (Suffolk). The company also announced that it will end its 24-year tradition of paying for employee breakfasts worldwide and for dinners for employees in Islandia who work past 7 pm. The moves, which came at the same time CA announced that company CEO John Swainson received more than $230,000 in perks, including use of coporate jets, a helicopter and a large housing allowance, did little to boost employee morale, according to Newsday. (Newsday - August 22, 2006)
Newsday Suffolk 08-25-2006 Melville (Suffolk)-based Newsday said it will outsource its circulation customer service call center later this year. APAC Customer Service, an Illinois-based company with operations in the Phillipines, will take control of the center, resulting in an unspecified number of job cuts at Newsday. (Long Island Business News - August 25, 2006)
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