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Labor Statistics

BEAC Review Report

Long Island Region, February 2007

Firm Expansions and Contractions

Business Expansions

Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
Bostwick Laboratories Inc. Nassau 300(Est.) 02-21-2007 Bostwick Laboratories Inc., a Virginia-based company which analyzes medical samples for signs of prostate cancer and other conditions, will build a new lab in Uniondale (Nassau County). Bostwick’s choice of location was based on Nassau County’s Empire Zone program, which offers job generators tax benefits and other economic incentives. Bostwick plans to create 300 jobs in the next five years. (Newsday – February 21, 2007)
Stony Brook University Suffolk 02-22-2007 Stony Brook (Suffolk County) University generated nearly $13 million in royalties from inventions licensed to industry in 2005, placing it 20th among colleges and universities nationwide, according to a survey released by the Association of University Technology Managers. Among the inventions and products developed at Stony Brook that contributed to its licensing revenue for 2005 are ReoPro, the first drug ever developed by a State University of New York institution that was approved for sale by the FDA. ReoPro is used to treat coronary disease. Other inventions included Periostat, a drug used to fight gum disease. Stony Brook finished slightly behind the University of Michigan, which had $16.7 million in royalties. The school finished ahead of other prestigious schools, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Georgia. (Long Island Business News – February 22, 2007)
Worklink Center Suffolk 02-15-2007 A broad coalition of community groups and local officials in Southampton (Suffolk County) has a new proposal to establish a hiring hall for day laborers in the village. The proposed "Worklink Center" will be in a 40-foot trailer near the village's railroad station, officials said. Catholic Charities has offered to provide the trailer, and members of the group said 20 to 30 people are likely to be there waiting to be picked up for work at any time. The center would include three portable toilets and an area where classes in English and other subjects could be taught. (Newsday – February 15, 2007)
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Business Contractions

Company County # Jobs Article Date Comments
Photocircuits Corporation Nassau 740 02-28-2007 Photocircuits, a Glen Cove (Nassau County) manufacturer of circuit boards in business since 1951, will end all operations within 45 days and lay off about 740 workers. Workers are not expected to receive severance payments, but they may be paid back vacation pay. A company board member blamed foreign competition for the layoff. In its final 45 days the company will work to fill existing orders as well as any new orders that can be completed by the projected closing date. (Newsday, February 28, 2007)
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