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Minor Area Employment Estimates by Industry


Nonfarm employment estimates for minor areas by industry reflect jobs by "place of work". It does not include the self-employed, unpaid family workers, and private household employees. Jobs located in the minor area (counties outside of metropolitan areas) that pay wages and salaries are counted although workers may live outside the area. Jobs are counted regardless of the number of hours worked. Individuals who hold more than one job (i.e. multiple job holders) may be counted more than once. The employment figure is an estimate of the number of jobs in the minor area (regardless of the place of residence of the workers) rather than a count of jobs held by the residents of the area. Industries are classified according to their North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. See NAICS: Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. A searchable version of the NAICS Manual is available on the Internet from the U.S. Bureau of the Census at


The following minor area employment estimates are based on the monthly Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey sampling methodology: total nonfarm employment; total private sector employment; and government employment. The CES survey summarizes monthly employment, hours and earnings data from a sample of approximately 18,000 New York State employers.  All other minor area employment estimates are based on the historic seasonal employment patterns for each industry, not on the CES survey. This survey is also referred to as the establishment, or wage and salary employment survey. The employment statistics represent persons employed full- or part-time in nonagricultural establishments during the payroll period including the 12th of the month. The estimates are revised in the following month as job information is received from additional employers. Final revisions to the jobs data, called a "Benchmark" are made each March for the previous two years based on payroll tax reports submitted by New York State employers covered by the Unemployment Insurance program to the state.

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