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Western New York, February 2002

Business Expansions

New this Month
Uniland Development Company plans to add to its existing offices in the Clarence-East Amherst Area (Erie County) with a proposal to build two more office buildings near the Eastern Hills Mall. When they open in the summer, they are expected to employ between 400 and 450 people in a variety of businesses.

UPDATE: Casinos (Erie & Niagara Counties) The February 28th deadline for a vote on Seneca Indian gambling casinos has been postponed indefinitely. There have been exchanges of proposals between the state and Seneca Nation, but the specter of another roadblock was raised by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, who called on Pataki to tie any gambling deal to a settlement of various land claims around the state. The Federal government, which is plaintiff with the Seneca’s in the Grand Island land claim, dropped its attempt to make the 6,000 individual property owners there liable in the lawsuit.

Business Contractions

New this Month

UPDATE: West Valley Demonstration Project (Cattaraugus County) saw its budget cut by $17 million. President Bush proposed cutting funding for the nuclear storage and cleanup facility.

General Motors Tonawanda plant (Erie County) has placed 95 of its workers from various parts of the plant, on voluntary indefinite layoff. Because of market demand, the automaker had to adjust its production.

Labor Disputes

New this Month

Nothing to report.

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