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Current Employer UI Contribution Rates

For 2018, the range of NYS Unemployment Insurance UI contribution rates is as follows:

NYS Unemployment Insurance Total UI Contribution Rates
UI Rate * RSF ** Total
Lowest rate: 0.825% 0.075% 0.9%
New Employer rate: 3.525% 0.075% 3.6%
Highest rate: 8.225% 0.075% 8.3%

Size of Fund Index Column: 2.0% but less than 2.5%

General Account Balance: Less than $0

* The Unemployment Insurance contribution rate is the normal rate PLUS the subsidiary rate. Use this rate to calculate line #4 on the Quarterly Combined Withholding; Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Report NYS 45.

** Re-employment Services Fund rate is 0.075% and applies to all contributory accounts. Use this to calculate line #5 on the NYS 45.

UI Rate Notices: We mail UI rate notices in March of every year.

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