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Wage Theft Recovery: Workers

Customized Solutions for Businesses Large and Small -- Department of Labor Businesses Service Team members will work with you to create a plan customized to the needs of your business to help you succeed What Workers Say About Wage Theft Recovery in New York State

Renata Zhuravskaya, a wage theft victim from Brooklyn, said: "The two people at the Department of Labor who helped me were wonderful. They helped me understand the situation and kept me informed. I was exhilarated when I got that check. That felt really good. When I got my money I called them and told them how grateful I was. It was a great experience. When a person is entitled by law to something, the employer is supposed to follow those guidelines. I’d recommend that anyone in the same situation contact the Department of Labor."

Dylan Chace, of Buffalo, who is also a victim of wage theft, said: “I didn’t really know what to expect going into the process, but I’m pleased with how quickly things moved. It was pretty self-explanatory and everyone was really helpful.”

Murty Rompalli, of New York City, who is a victim of wage theft, said: “Getting the money I owed was like an early Christmas present for me. It helped me pay for some medical bills I had. I had felt very vulnerable. I’m in this country by myself and I don’t have any family or close friends to help me out. Sometimes people in my situation, immigrants, people who are coming and working here are afraid to come forward and ask for help from the government. They’re afraid about complaining about getting wages they’re owed. But having gone through the process myself, at no point did I ever feel uncomfortable because I’m not a citizen. I hope someone will look at me and come forward and get help from the Department of Labor."

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