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Laws Governing the Employment of Minors

The Division of Labor Standards enforces the statutes that govern:

  • The maximum and prohibited hours of work for minors
  • The type of work permitted for minors

The Division also inspects establishments to insure that minors under 18 have proper employment certificates (also referred to as Working Papers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Information Booklet:
Laws Governing the Employment of Minors - P882 (English) | P882S (Spanish)


This section contains general information on the provisions of the laws governing the employment of minors in New York State. We omit certain details. Do not consider this as a final interpretation of the law.

For details, contact the NYS Department of Labor, Division of Labor Standards office in your area.

For establishments covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, Federal laws on minimum wage, overtime pay, and the employment of minors may in some cases set higher standards than State requirements. The requirements of State Law do not affect an employer's obligation to comply with any provisions of Federal law. For details on Federal laws, by contact the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration - Wage and Hour Division.

      School Attendence

      Duties of Employment Agencies

      Special Occupations

Federal Prohibited Occupations

State Prohibited Occupations

Hours of Work

Permitted Working Hours Chart

Violation of Labor Law

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