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4 Day/10 Hour Work Schedule

Since April 1, 2009, some individual wage schedules contain information about the use of 4-Day /10-Hour work schedules. The job classifications associated with these individual wage schedules are listed on the new PW30R Form as the "Job Classification Checklist", pages 2 and 3.

Please note, the ‘4/10s Schedule' applies only to these specific job classifications and to their specific areas/counties, in the Prevailing Wage schedule.  For each job classification, the individual wage schedule will contain the specific details regarding their 4/10 hour day posting.

Requirements for using '4/10s' Schedule

You must have a 'Dispensation for Hours' in place*.  If there is not a Dispensation of Hours in place on the project, you must apply for one using the Application for Dispensation for Hours (PW30). (open in a new window)

You must complete the 'Employer Registration for Use of a 4-Day / 10-Hour Schedule' and submit it (by mail or fax ) to the Bureau of Public Work.

* If you are not sure if a Dispensation for Hours (PW30) is in place on your Public Work Project, call or e-mail the Bureau of Public Work with the project's Prevailing Wage Rate number (PRC#). We can find the information for you.

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