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Contracting Agency

A Contracting Agency (Department of Jurisdiction) can be a:

  • State department, agency, board, commission
  • County, city, town or village
  • School district, board of education or board of cooperative educational services
  • Sewer, water, fire, improvement and other district corporation
  • Public benefit corporation
  • Public authority awarding a public work contract.

A Contracting Agency awarding a public work contract must:

  • Obtain a Prevailing Rate Schedule
  • Include the schedule in the specifications for the contract
  • Make the schedule a part of the awarded contract
  • Submit a 'Notice of Contract Award' (PW-16) when the contract is awarded
  • Collect and maintain certified payroll records
  • Submit a 'Notice of Completion / Cancellation of Project' (PW-200) when the contract is completed or if it is cancelled

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