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These PDF forms can be:

  • Filled electronically
  • Printed then filled

The "Request for Wage and Supplement Information (PW-39)" form may be submitted by fax or by mail.

All other forms require original signatures and must be submitted by mail or in person.

Contracting Agency Forms:

Request for Wage and Supplement Information (PW-39) - to be used by contracting agencies and their architects to request an original wage schedule to be included in the project specifications as required by law. This form must be mailed or faxed to Bureau of Public Work's Central Office.

Complaint Forms (the Department does not accept anonymous complaints):

Employee Complaint (PW-4) - to be used by a worker to file a claim that he/she was underpaid prevailing wages or supplements on a public work project.

Empleado Queja (PW-4S) - para ser utilizado por un trabajador a presentar un reclamo que él/ella fue mal pagados los salarios vigentes o suplementos en un proyecto de obra pública.

Non-Employee Complaint (PW-5) - to be used by any interested person or employee organization to file a complaint alleging the underpayment of prevailing wages or supplements on a public work project where the party filing the complaint is not an underpaid worker.

Contractor Forms:

Payroll Certification (PW-18.1) - a form for certifying payrolls when a standard state or federal certified payroll form is not used. Important Note - Use this form only for doing business with the Bureau of Public Work.

Request for a Dispensation to Work Overtime (PW-30) - to be used to request a dispensation regarding hours and days of work. All work in excess of 8 hours in a day or 5 days in a week must be paid at the applicable overtime rate. (Note: There are very few exceptions to this rule. See Employer Registration for Use of 4-Day/10-Hour Work Schedule). No contractor is allowed to work employees more than 8 hours in a day or 5 days in a week, except for the protection of the life and limb of the public, or where the work is deemed of an important nature and delay would be of disadvantage to the public. The contractor must show a danger to the public or to the preservation of the job site in order for the dispensation to be granted. The form must first be signed by the contracting agency. If the Department of Jurisdiction (Contracting Agency) does not complete and sign its portion of the PW-30, there will be a delay the review process.

Employer Registration for Use of 4-Day/10-Hour Work Schedule (PW30.1) - to be completed when using a 4-day/10-hour work schedule. The '4/10s Schedule' applies only to specific job classifications, and to their specific areas/counties, in the Prevailing Wage schedule. For each job classification, the individual wage schedule must contain the specific details regarding their 4/10-hour day posting.

Subcontractor Receipt of Wage Schedule (PW-51) - to be used to verify receipt from the Prime Contractor of the original schedule(s) of wages and supplements for a specific public work project.

Public Work Project Poster - Contractors and Subcontractors are required to post a notice at the beginning of the performance of every public work contract on each job site. The poster includes the telephone number and address for the Department of Labor and a statement informing laborers, workers or mechanics of their right to contact the Department of Labor if he/she is not receiving the proper prevailing rate of wages and/or supplements for his/her particular job classification.

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