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Department of Labor

Article 8 (Construction): Frequently Asked Questions

Record Keeping Requirements

Q: What payroll records are required to be maintained by contractors?

A: The contractor and every subcontractor shall keep original payrolls or transcripts thereof showing the hours and days worked by each worker, the occupation at which he/she worked, the hourly wages paid and the supplements paid or provided. [Section 220, subd. 3-a (a)] This includes all books and records pertaining to the rate of wages paid and supplements provided.


Q: What is a "certified payroll"?

A: Certified payrolls are original payrolls or transcripts thereof, subscribed and affirmed as true under the penalty of perjury.


Q: Are contractors and subcontractors required to submit payroll records to the public owner?

A: "Every contractor, and subcontractor, shall submit to the department of jurisdiction within thirty days after issuance of its first payroll, and every thirty days thereafter, a transcript of the original payroll records, as provided by this Article, subscribed and affirmed as true..." (Section 220, subd 3-a)


Q: How long are certified payroll records required to be kept by the contractor?

A: Contractors are required to maintain, for not less than six years, weekly certified payroll records.  (Article 6, Section 195.4)


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