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Department of Labor

DOSH Laser Unit

 "NOTE: The Radiological Health Program transferred from the Department of Labor to the New York State Department of Health on July 1, 2006.  For further information on radiological matters, please call the Health Department directly at (518) 402-7550.  The Laser Unit has remained with the New York State Department of Labor.  For information on Department of Labor Laser Unit please call (212) 775-3567."

The Laser Unit enforces the provisions of:

  • Industrial Code Rule 50 "Lasers" which requires registration of certain laser installations and mobile lasers
  • Code Rule 61"Occupational Licensing and Certification" which contains the requirements for Certified Operators

With two exceptions, all laser installations and mobile lasers, including low-intensity lasers used exclusively in research and development, must be registered with the commissioner.

The two exceptions for laser transfer, receipt, possession or use appear below. 

Exemption No. 1.  Lasers during the period of their storage, shipment or sale, when the equipment is not readily capable of emitting laser radiation. Laser labeling requirements still apply.

Exemption No. 2.  Lasers, which by reason of their design and construction, cannot emit radiation that exceeds 1 X 10-7 joules/cm2 or 1X105 watts/cm2, when measured 10 centimeters from the exterior surfaces. This exemption does not apply to the testing or servicing of lasers during their production or repair.

Industrial Code Rule 61, "Occupational Licensing and Certification" contains the experience and requirements to become a certified laser operator.

No one (Owners, employers, contractors, or agents) may permit any individual to operate a laser except:

  • A certified mobile laser operator
  • A trainee working under the direct supervision of a certified operator

The specific rules for use of lasers appear in Code Rule 50.


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