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Important Notice of Rule Making - Industrial CR 61

Important Notice - Industrial Code Rule 61

The final version of Code Rule 61 became effective on October 20, 2010. The regulation now incorporates standards for Pyrotechnicians, Blasters, Crane Operators and Laser Operators.

Important Changes

All applications will require a new processing fee of $150 As part of the promulgation process for Code Rule 61, the following regulations have been repealed:
  • Subparts 23-8.5 and 23-11 of Industrial Code Rule 23
  • Subparts 39.5 and 39.7 of Industrial Code Rule 39
  • Subpart 50.9 of 12 of Industrial Code Rule 50

New Requirements for Blasters

After July 19, 2010 all renewal applicants will have to provide proof that they received at least 2 recognized blasting related training courses totaling 16 hours received within the past certification period. We have provided a two year grace period running until July of 2012 for current Blasters to obtain this training. For more information on this see Questions and Answers about Code Rule 61 (open in a new window) and Variance (open in a new window)
  • You must submit a completed application.
  • You must check one box in section 10 of the application for class D, E or F. If choosing F, circle the specific category.
  • You will NOT be required to pay an application or fingerprint fee.
  • The new certificate will expire on the same date as your current one.
  • Upon receipt of your new certificate you must surrender your current certificate by mailing it to the address on the back of the certificate.

To add a certification:

  • You must submit a complete application and medical waiver.
  • You must check 2 boxes in section 10 of the application, one box showing current certification in A, B or C, and an additional box for class D, E or F. If choosing F, circle the specific category.
  • You must enclose a $150. application fee and a $94.25 fingerprint fee. Note: the fingerprint fee is not required if you have a current NYS Department of Labor Explosives license or ATF license, or renewed your current Blaster certificate in 2010.
  • You will be issued a new certificate with both categories having an expiration date 3 years from the date the new certificate is issued.


Text of Code Rule 61 (open in a new window)
Questions and Answers about Code Rule 61 (open in a new window)
Blaster Variance for Training (open in a new window)
Blaster Training Classes (open in a new window)
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