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Mold Training Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

Mold Training Course Provider Application Approval Process

  • What are the criteria that the Department uses to qualify an instructor?

    The Department is looking for an instructor to have work experience in performing mold-related work and/or training and academic experience in areas related to mold assessment and remediation. In the resume, the instructor should highlight these work, training and academic experiences to justify how he or she is best qualified to be an instructor.

Mold Training Provider Class and Course Instruction

  • What is the maximum number of students that a training provider can accept for a class?

    The Department does not limit the number of students admitted for a class. However, the training provider must be mindful of the factors that could affect the student's comfort and ability to observe the class properly. The training provider must also be able to supervise the students and respond to questions efficiently. The occupancy limit for the chosen venue must not be exceeded.

  • Is there a required student-instructor ratio?

    No. The Department does not set limits for the student-instructor ratio. Classes should be organized so that each student has the ability to properly observe the class and hands-on demonstrations. The training provider should also set aside adequate amount of time for class discussions and questions. The Department recommends a ratio of 25 students for each instructor for course lectures and 8 students for each instructor for the hands-on demonstrations.

  • Can a training provider teach the class in a different language?

    Yes. Training providers that organize classes conducted in a language other than English shall submit a full translation of required application materials in English. This includes, but is not limited to, class notes, transparencies, manuals and examination.

  • Is a DMV ID number required to obtain a mold license?

    Yes. A DMV ID number is required to obtain a DOL mold license. The DMV ID number is the link between the training record and the licensing application and issuance. It also protects against fraud and reduces errors on submitted rosters/certificates.

Mold Training Provider Ethics

Mold Refresher Training

  • Are there different mold refresher courses for each mold license type?

    The refresher course curriculum and required number of hours is the same for all mold license types (Assessor, Remediation Contractor, Abatement Worker Supervisor, and Abatement Worker).  All mold licensees must complete a four-hour, Department-approved refresher course to renew their license.

  • If a student completed an initial mold training course, but never submitted an application to obtain a mold license, are they still eligible to take a mold refresher?

    Students who completed initial mold training but never obtained a license can take the mold refresher.  However, depending on the amount of time that has passed since completion of their initial mold training course, the student's mold refresher may not be valid for obtaining the mold licensing requirements.

    Training providers should advise students to apply for a mold license within two years of completing the initial mold training course.  Students who apply for a mold license more than two years after completing the initial mold training course must also show proof of completing a mold refresher course within three years of the initial course and every other year thereafter in order to be eligible for licensure.  If a mold refresher course was not completed within the appropriate timeframe(s), the student will be required to repeat the initial mold training course in order to apply for licensure.

  • Can unlicensed individuals attend the mold refresher course?

    Training providers have discretion over who is allowed to attend their mold training courses; however, they must inform the individuals of the requirements for mold licensure and provide them with the Department's contact information prior to registration.


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