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(Statutory authority: Labor Law, § 27, General Business Law § 483)

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38.0 Finding of fact

38.1 Applicability

38.2 Variations

38.3 Definitions

38.4 Registration and approvals

38.5 Licensing general requirements

38.6 Applications for specific license

38.7 Financial assurance for decommissioning

38.8 General requirements for issuing specific licenses

38.9 Duration of licenses and timeliness in decommissioning

38.10 Renewal or amendment of specific licenses

38.11 Amendment, suspension or revocation of licenses

38.12 Conditions of specific licenses

38.13 Removal of radioactive material

38.14 Procedural provisions

38.15 Holders of licenses or permits

38.16 Licensees and contractors of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and United States NCR-designed contractors doing work for other United States government agencies

38.17 Responsibility for radiation safety and radiation protection programs

38.18 Occupational dose limits

38.19 Radiation does limits for individual members of the public

38.20 Disposal of radioactive material

38.21 Limitations on human use

38.22 Surveys, checks and tests

38.23 Vacating installations and property

38.24 Personnel monitoring

38.25 Radiation symbol, signs, labels and control devices

38.26 Respiratory protection and controls to restrict internal exposure in restricted areas

38.27 Notices, instructions and reports to workers

38.28 Records

38.29 Reports

38.30 Inspections-tests

38.31 Transportation

38.32 Procedures for picking up, receiving, and opening packages

38.33 Specific requirements for well-logging operations

38.34 Additional requirements for industrial radiography

38.35 Special requirements for specific licenses to manufacture or transfer certain items containing naturally occurring or accelerator produced radioactive material

38.36 Specific requirements for irradiators

38.37-38.39 [Reserved]

38.40 Severability

38.41 Tables and appendices

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