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Part 38


(Statutory authority:  Labor Law, §27; General Business Law, §483)

Historical Part (§§38.0-38.41) repealed, new filed July 6, 1978; amd. filed June 25, 1985 eff. Note: June 25, 1985. Amended Part title.

§ 38.0 Finding of fact.

The commissioner finds that every industry, trade, occupation and process involving the use or presence of radioactive material or radiation-producing equipment involves elements of danger to the lives, health and safety of persons employed or present therein. The commissioner further finds that special regulations are necessary for the protection of such persons, in that such material and equipment may emit invisible and imperceptible rays or particles having the property of producing deleterious or fatal effects, immediate or deferred, upon and within the human body.

Historical Sec. amd. filed June 10, 1971; repealed, new filed July 6, 1978 eff. July 10, Note: 1978.

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