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Subpart 38.4

Registration and approvals.

(a) Each machine source of ionizing radiation, and each generally licensed device sorequired by the terms and conditions of Table 3 of Section 38.41 of this Part (rule) shall be registered with the commissioner on a form prescribed by him or her, setting forth the location and character of the radiation source or sources and such other or further information as he or she may require for the due enforcement of this Part (rule). Registration shall be made prior to receipt of the radiation equipment or upon receipt of the generally licensed device. Registration is not complete until it is verified and accepted by the commissioner. If a registered installation is so changed as to render its registration inaccurate, notice thereof shall be given to the commissioner within 48 hours of such change.

(b) Every distributor or retailer of radiation equipment, or agent thereof, or radiationconsultant, who installs, tests or otherwise services radiation equipment shall be registered with the Commissioner on a form prescribed by him. Registration shall be made prior to undertaking such installation, testing for servicing. Such distributors, retailers, agents or consultants shall, while engaged in installation, testing or other servicing of radiation equipment, comply with the requirements of this Part (rule).

Historical Sec. amd. filed June 10, 1971; repealed, new filed July 6, 1978; amds. filed: June Note: 25, 1985; June 9, 1994; April 15, 1999 eff. May 5, 1999.  Amended (a).

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