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Subpart 38.8

General requirements for issuing specific licenses.

Historical Note

(a) The commissioner will approve an application for, and issue in response there to, a specific license to transfer, receive, possess and use any radioactive material, if the commissioner determines that the following requirements have been met:

(a) the applicant's proposed use, equipment, facilities and procedures will protect public health and safety, and will minimize danger to life and property, from radiation hazards;

(b) the applicant's radiation detection and measuring instrumentation is appropriate
for the uses of radioactive materials requested in the application;

(c) the applicant, (or the applicant's personnel if the applicant is not an individual), is qualified by training and experience to use such radioactive material for each purpose covered by the application so as to protect public health and safety and to minimize danger to life and property from radiation hazards; and

(d) the applicant submits sufficient information to support a determination that the
requirements of this section are satisfied.


Historical Sec. amd. filed June 10, 1971; repealed, new filed: July 6, 1978; June 9, 1994 eff. Note: June 29, 1994.



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