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Department of Labor


Executive Committee: Chaired by Vince Cozzolino. Manages SWIB affairs. Subcommittee Chairs serve on the Executive Committee.

Communications & Improving Regional Planning: Chaired by Nancy Weber. Coordinates SWIB efforts with those of other workforce entities, such as REDCs and LWIBs to incorporate regional feedback to statewide initiatives and/or foster new ideas.

Education and Credentials: Chaired by Tony Baird. Identifies and promotes ways to increase employment and meet business needs through education and training opportunities or reforms.

Emerging Industries: Chaired by Shelby Schneider. Identifies and addresses concerns such as skills gaps and needs of emerging industries in New York State to promote employment and growth.

Aligning Workforce Programs: Chaired by Sergio Esteban. Coordinates with workforce programs to ensure compliance with federal goals (WIOA), to avoid unnecessary duplication of services and ensure better alignment.

Outcomes and Metrics: Chaired by Chris Sansone. Evaluates results of workforce programs for inefficiencies in order to make recommendations for improvement and promote best practices.

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