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JobZone, NYESS/OSOS, & REOS Resources and Guides

OSOS Help Desk

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REOS Help Desk

NYESS/OSOS Guides by Program

Expeditious and Rapid Response OSOS Guide (8/22/2013)

NYSERDA Green Jobs Green New York Training OSOS Guide (3/23/2012)

H1-B ITA OSOS Guide (5/30/2012)

Learning, Employment, Advancement and Placement (LEAP); OSOS Guide (11/26/2013)

Short Time Compensation Grant (STC) OSOS Guide (8/12/2015)

Ticket to Work OSOS Guide (1/10/2013)

WIF-BEAM OSOS Guide (3/14/2016)

WIF-STEM OSOS Guide (12/2/2013)

NYESS/OSOS How-to Guides

Accessing OSOS - User's Guide(10/5/2015)

Administering the Ability Profiler via OSOS (12/26/2012)

Changes to OSOS Version 6.7.3 (6/01/2017)

Comprehensive Assessment OSOS Guide 2017 (10/25/2017)

Data Correction Guide

Employability Profile OSOS Guide (2/26/2015)

Employer Search and Employer Jacket OSOS Guide(7/13/2015)

Identifying & Reporting Duplicate Records(12/22/2015)

Initial Assessment OSOS Guide (1/28/2015)

JobZone/OSOS Messaging Guide (9/20/2012)

Language Access PowerPoint(3/4/2016)

Language Services Guide(2/25/2016)

Logging Into OSOS Guide (9/15/2015)

Matching from the Job Order to the Customer Record OSOS Guide(8/27/2015)

Migrant/Seasonal Worker OSOS Guide (12/6/2013)

Navigating the System Guide (9/11/2015)

New OSOS Version (6.5.03) Announcement (6/9/2016)

O*Net Titles in OSOS Video (26:33) (7/23/2012)

O*Net Titles in OSOS Guide (3/19/2013)

OSOS Basics: Navigating the System Video (9:52) (7/18/2012)

OSOS Guide for Verifying Date of Birth in the DOB Tab (11/14/2012)

OSOS REOS Browser Settings & Maintenance (12/12/2016)

Quality Case Notes: A Valuable Tool Video (14:39) (6/22/2012)

Recording Employer Service Activities

Setting Up Correspondence Guide

Troubleshooting Incomplete JobZone/Manager Mode login Guide(8/7/2014)

Troubleshooting JZ, NYGov, and Work Search Records in OSOS Guide(8/7/2014)

Work Search Plan User Guide (6/24/2016)

Work Search Record User Guide (8/13/2014)

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