Pursuant to Section 121 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) has established a one-stop operating center (Center) comprised of one-stop partners (Partners) providing services to the Center. In furtherance of its functions, the WIB and each of the Partners has obtained access to an on-line automated system, the One-Stop Operating System (OSOS), to more effectively and efficiently meet the challenges of the WIA. Individual customer information contained in the OSOS is confidential and privileged, and subject to use and disclosure solely to authorized personnel.

The purpose of this Agreement is to authorize access to the OSOS to employees of Partners of the Center and to ensure employees' compliance with the restrictions contained herein.

__________________________, an authorized employee ("Employee") of __________________________, a partner or its agent or sub-contractor ("Partner"), is hereby granted access to the OSOS in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

  1. All information contained in the OSOS is confidential and shall not be re-disclosed to any person or organization except those authorized to use the information pursuant to WIA. Employee has been fully advised of those persons or organizations to which information can be shared.

  2. Employee shall comply with all applicable federal and state privacy and confidentiality laws and has been advised of those applicable provisions. Failure to comply with such laws may result in a criminal prosecution or civil sanctions.

  3. Access to OSOS is granted through the issuance of a password only during the period of employment with the Partner for authorized program activities. Employee shall not use OSOS for any personal activities and shall not disclose the password to any person.

  4. Access may be terminated at any time without any prior notice. Employee will cooperate with any investigation of the Partner, the WIB or the Department of Labor concerning the misuse or misappropriation of information.

  5. Employee shall not make copies of the OSOS software or use the software in violation of any intellectual property rights of the software company owners or the Department of Labor. Employee understands that any licensing rights are limited to use for program purposes and subject to revocation at any time.

  6. Employee shall comply with any protocol or procedure established by the Partner, the WIB or the Department of Labor.

  7. Employee understands that the Department and the Partner reserve the right, without notice, to monitor any of Employee's activities related to the use of the OSOS.

I certify that I have read the above document and that I have been advised of the confidentiality requirements and will comply therewith even after my relationship with the Partner is terminated.

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