Attachment A


Activity Comments Local State
Receive Petition/Trigger RR     X
Outreach (newspaper notices) Legal notice of certification   X
Individual Eligibility Determination for TAA/TRA and Appeals     X
Assessment All activities to determine customer need (e.g. identify marketable skills, assess labor market) X  
Career Counseling   X  
Job Development/Placement   X X
Enrollment in WIA Title I Active job search; job development/core services X  
Staff Assisted Job Search   X  
Testing Appropriate assessments to measure aptitude, interest etc. X  
Development of Employment Plan Individual service strategy X  
TAA Job search and Relocation Allowance Approve requests for job search and relocation benefits/request funds X  
Request funds for Job Search and Relocation Allowance Use shared database X  
Deny requests for Job Search and Relocation Allowance     X
Case Management and Supportive Services Including tracking of services in OSOS X  
Issue Approved Training Waivers   X X
Deny and Revoke Training Waivers     X
Development of Training Plans OJT or Classroom training X  
Approve Training Programs and Issue Determinations   X  
Request TAA funds for training plan Use Shared Database X  
Issue Denial of Training Programs     X
Maintain Funding Availability/Indicate availability of funds for individual requests Use Shared Database   X
ATAA Determine individual eligibility and pay benefit   X
Compile TAPR     X