New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
April 17, 2006
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory #06-3.2
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
Department of Labor Regional Administrators
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contact Persons
Subject:State Policy Guidelines and Required Action for Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBs) Regarding Functional Alignment for the Delivery of WIA Title IB and Wagner-Peyser Workforce Services
Revisions:Questions and Answers regarding Functional Alignment New Budget Template and Instructions
Purpose:To provide Local Workforce Investment Areas (LWIAs) with:
  1. clarifying Questions and Answers regarding Functional Alignment, and
  2. a revised budget template and instructions, Attachments E1 and E2
Background:Technical Advisory #06-3, issued March 23, 2006, informed LWIAs of the need to develop and implement local/regional goals and strategies for aligning and integrating the delivery of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title IB services and Wagner-Peyser Employment Services.

Technical Advisory #06-3.1, issued March 30, 2006, revised the original Technical Advisory to grant the LWIAs flexibility with regard to submitting the signatures of the Local Workforce Investment Board Chair and the Chief Local Elected Official. The timeframe for submitting those signatures was extended, but must occur no later than the July 1, 2006, the date for implementing the area’s Functional Alignment Addendum.

This revision, Technical Advisory, #06-3.2, is in response to the discussions and information exchanges between the LWIAs and the Department of Labor. Discussion topics and associated questions were aggregated and clarifying answers are included with this TA as Attachment 1, Questions and Answers regarding Functional Alignment. In response to budget discussions, the functional alignment budget template and the directions for completion have been revised. They are included with this Technical Advisory as Attachments E1 and E2, with a revision date of 4/17/06 in the upper right corner.

Action:LWIAs should review the attached Questions and Answers, applying the clarifying information to their draft Functional Alignment Addendum, and revising the draft addendum as necessary in light of new and/or expanded information. Additionally, LWIAs should discard the previous budget template and instructions and should only use Attachments E1 and E2 bearing the revision date of 4/17/06 in the header to create the budget that is required by the Technical Advisory.

Submission requirements for the local area’s final Functional Alignment Addendum remain as outlined in the original TA.

Attachments:1. Questions and Answers regarding Functional Alignment
E1. Functional Alignment Budget Template
E2. Instructions for Completing the Functional Alignment Budget Template