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WIOA Primary Indicators of Performance


WIOA identifies six Primary Indicators of Performance for Title I and Title III programs. Details about the Primary Indicators of Performance can be found in Technical Advisory #18-6.2. Below you will find both State and Local Level Performance Goals for Program Years (PY) 20 and 21.

State Level Performance Goals

State level performance is assessed by USDOL/ETA based on three measures: Program score; Indicator score; and an Individual Indicator score. For details, refer to Technical Advisory #18-6.2. . State Level Performance Goals for PY 20-21 have been negotiated and accepted by USDOL/ETA.

State Level Performance Goals PY20-21

Local Level Performance Goals

Local level performance is separated into three types of performance goals:
  1. Proposed Goals
  2. Negotiated Goals
  3. Adjusted Goals

Proposed and Negotiated Goals

Proposed Goalsare determined prior to the negotiation process and act as a starting point for the negotiations. Negotiated Goals are the goals agreed upon by the parties involved in the negotiation process. Both types of goals will be listed in the table below once they are available.

PY20-PY21 Proposed and Negotiated Goals

Adjusted Goals

Adjusted Goals are calculated after the end of the Program Year by reapplying the Statistical Adjustment Model. Adjusted Goals for PY18 will be posted here when the Program Year is complete.

WIOA Quarterly Performance Reports

Quarterly Program Year performance reports are listed below. This section will be continually updated as performance data becomes available. Note that these quarterly reports are cumulative, where each successive quarterly report will contain new data for the latest quarter in addition to including data from previous quarters in the Program Year. For example, a quarter 3 report contains the new quarter 3 data, along with data from quarter 2 and data from quarter 1.

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