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Dream it, Plan it, Make it happen.

The Youth Portal

The Youth Portal links youth ages 14 to 24 to resources that help them explore for the future and prepare for careers. The Youth Portal has information ranging from getting working papers to preparing for a job interview. On the navigation bar, please select the age group that you are in. For example, if you are age 16, please select the tab that states "Ages 14-17."

The Youth Portal also has information and resources for parents to help guide their children through careers starting with elementary school to helping their children manage their career choices. On the navigation bar, please select the "Parents" tab for more information.

There are youth programs in your community that may be able to assist with a youth's job search and advancing their
education. Youth must meet certain eligibility to be served by these programs. For more information, please select the
“Get Local Assistance” button below for a local youth program point of contact in your community.

Dream and Plan for Your Future

Balancing school and work can be difficult. On the next page you will find information on working papers, safety and health, and filling out job applications, while giving you the time to focus on your studies.

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Put Your Plans into Action

The time is now to take the next steps to build a successful future. Landing the job you want and enjoy takes preparation and planning. Check out the information and resources on the next page to help you be a success!

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Helping Your Child Take the Right Steps for Life Success

It is important for you, as a parent/guardian, to help your child think ahead and plan for their career. The next page has resources that can assist your child with dreaming it, planning it, and making it happen for the future!

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Get Local Assistance

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