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Earn it, While you Learn it! Combine On-The-Job Training with Classroom Instruction and be Paid to Participate

What is Apprentice Training?

If you like the challenge of learning a new skill and earning money while learning, Apprenticeship training is for you!

Apprenticeship is a career training program where you learn a skilled occupation through both hands on/real world experience and classroom time from experienced instructors and journeyworkers in the field. As an apprentice, you are considered an actual employee of the employer that is training you.

At the end of your Apprenticeship training, you will obtain a nationally recognized "Certificate of Completion" from the New York State Department of Labor, as long as your sponsor is registered with us. Find out which trades are registered with DOL.

There are many careers that use apprenticeship to train employees such as carpenters, chefs, plumbers, electricians, pipefitters, mason and the list continues!

The length of Apprenticeship depends on the occupation you are training in. The length of training is usually from two to six years. Training is given under the guidance of experienced journeyworkers in your field.

How Do I Qualify.

In order to apply for Apprenticeship training, you must be 18 years-old to participate in an apprenticeship program (or 16 years-old with parental approval if the training tasks obey the rules for employing minors)

Many apprenticeship programs require a high school diploma or an equivalent.

Where Can I Sign Up for Apprenticeship Training?

To learn about training opportunities, you can visit your local New York State Career Centers where you can talk to a career counselor who will give you information on the local programs.

Openings are also listed on our website , and New York State Job Bank .

Do People My Age Really Become Apprentices?

Of course! Apprenticeship training not only offers young people money while learning, but also with a skill they have the rest of their lives! Many apprenticeship programs also offer college credit, if you wanted to continue building on your career.

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